Darbaan movie download 2020 has not available yet. But the official trailer of this film has left a lot of audiences anticipated by the heartwarming plot. The movie was adapted from a moving short story written by the poet and writer Rabindranath Tagore. Take a brief review of the Darbaan movie here with Gurugamer.com.

Darbaan Movie (2020) Trailer And Release Date

Darbaan (2020) is a highly-anticipated Bollywood movie adapted from a beautiful short story by the great Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore. It tells you the moving story of a caretaker and his master. The movie is produced by Opticus Picture Company.

Darbaan movie download 2020 will tell you a heartwarming tale of two generations. It’s a beautiful friendship of a boy from an upper-class family and his loyal servant from a lower social class. From the official trailer released on March 9th, 2020 by Darbaan TheFilm, audiences can see a lot of touching cut scenes. Moreover, the trailer also unveiled some twists that make the story more interesting. Those details make Darbaan full movie download much more awaited than ever before.

Darbaan Movie Download 2020 Poster
The movie will tell you a heartwarming tale of two generations

The movie was scheduled to come to the cinema on April 3rd, 2020. However, due to the coronavirus outbreak and country lockdown, the film producers canceled the Darbaan movie release date to June 13th. It means that audiences have to wait for over a month later to see this Bollywood blockbuster in the theater. The trailer of Darbaan attracted over 10 lakh views on YouTube.

Download Darbaan 2020 Movie HD Cast

Darbaan movie is produced and directed by the excellent filmmaker Bipin Nadkarni and distributed by Reet Films. The main language of this movie is Hindi. So, you can wait for the Darbaan movie download 2020 in the Hindi language.

Darbaan Cast
Darbaan Movie 2020 stars many popular Bollywood stars who are talented, beautiful, and experienced

Darbaan movie (2020) stars many experienced and talented Bollywood actors. The lead roles are played by Sharib Hashmi, Sharad Kelkar, Flora Saini, and Rasika Dugal. During 145 minutes of the story, they will narrate a touching tale and take you through many stages of emotions. The famous singer Arijit Singh performed the theme song of the movie titled ‘Jo Mila Hai Tu’.

Darbaan Movie Download 2020 Plot Review

In Darbaan 2020 Hindi full movie download free, the Bollywood star Sharib Hashmi plays the role of Raicharan. He is the servant of a rich and influencing family living in a large private villa at a hill station. The servant Raicharan is very close to the kid master Aunukul of this family. It’s unveiled in early scenes of the official trailer. Besides, the beautiful actress Rasika Duggal plays the role of Raicharan’s wife. They had a happy life in a stunning villa.

Darbaan Movie Cut Scene
Raicharan is very close to the kid master Aunukul of this family. When the little master grew up, he returned to meet his loyal servant

However, a twist separates the servant and Aunukul’s family. From a short scene of the trailer, it seems that an accident of the coal mine explosion happened to Aunukul’s family. Then, when the little master grew up, he returned to meet his loyal servant and gave him an opportunity of taking care of his little son. Raicharan, who is older now, was very happy with his new job. He looks after the little master with all his heart and mind.

Darbaan Movie Plot Review
Raicharan looks after the little kid of his master, Aunukul, with all his heart and mind

However, another twist happened when the little boy disappeared when Raicharan took him out for a walk. Anukul and his wife, played by the young and beautiful actress Flora Saini, accused the loyal caretaker of kidnapping. Raicharan’s heart was broken because he lost both the little master and his master, Anukul. Then, he started his journey to redeem himself.

Darbaan Cut Scene Od Twist
The movie is full of twists when the loyal servant lost his little master and was accused of kidnapping

Darbaan Movie Download 2020 Happy Ending

The later scenes of the trailer also revealed that the servant reunited with the little kid he took care of. Aunukul’s son now is a teenager and Raicharan is an old man. However, they are still the best friends of the other. The trailer only revealed a brief story of Darbaan movie download 2020. You will see more exciting and touching details in the full movie. The movie is coming soon this June.

Darbaan Movie Plot
The movie has a happy ending when the servant reunited with the little kid he took care of

This is a brief review of the Darbaan movie download 2020. This Opticus Picture Company present will bring you a moving story of two people from different social classes. To update the latest Bollywood news and more interesting movie review, let’s visit our website.