Deadpool 3 is one of the most anticipated movies amongst Marvel fans. With the first two entries about the "merc-with-a-mouth" being so fantastic, people have been putting a lot of hope on the third one. With Disney's acquisition of Fox Movies, Deadpool, along with the rest of the X-Men, would join the MCU, bringing along limitless possibilities of crossovers. Previously, a lot of interesting X-Men has joined Wade Wilson in his adventure, but most of them are just B or C lister at best.

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Deadpool has always been one of the most popular characters in Marvel comics, with his signature ability of fourth-wall breaking.

While it is still quite a while until we would be able to see Deadpool again on the silver screen, it is never too early to make predictions about what would happen in the sequel. In this list below, we would list out some of the most notable characters that are likely to clash with Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool in the next movie.

1 - Taskmaster

Taskmaster is going to be introduced into the Marvel universe in the next Black Widow movie. This character is quite a fan-favorite in the comics - a badass normal, with the ability to mimic any movement or fighting style he observes with his photographic memory. The guy can go toe-to-toe against any non-powered character in the Marvel universe - and even weaker tiers like Deadpool easily. For this to happen, the guy needs to survive Black Widow, however.

Deadpool vs Taskmaster would be a mostly physical contest

The reason that their fights would be interesting is that they have met quite a few times in the comics - and Deadpool's unpredictable quirks leave Taskmaster in the dust every time.

2 - Spider-Man

Last year's contract dispute between Marvel and Sony taught us that Spider-Man's appearance in the MCU might be highly temporary - every time Peter Parker shows up in the franchise could be his last. Because of that, it is best that Spider-Man interacts with as many different heroes as possible so that we could enjoy the experience in case the character could be reclaimed.

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Spider-Man and Deadpool combined would make the movie a great comedy.

Amongst all the characters who share a dynamic with Spider-Man, Deadpool is definitely on the top of the list. In the comic, the guy is often mistaken for Spider-Man, as their costumes are rather similar in colors. Deadpool is also a big fan of Spidey - every time they get together, the resulting shenanigans would be super hilarious. The R-rated of Deadpool series might be an issue, however - it is unclear if Sony would agree to this deal.

3 - Wolverine

One of the biggest challenges ahead for Marvel is how to find a new Wolverine for the MCU, replacing Hugh Jackman, who is going to retire very soon. Wolverine is probably the biggest fan-favorite mutant in all media, and the way Marvel introduce him would be crucial for their later plans. Deadpool 3 might play a role amongst all this.

They technically have clashed once - but no one wants to mention this version of the character.

The two characters with hyper regenerative powers have clashed pretty often in the comics, and with their opposite personalities, their engagements are always hilarious. In fact, if you count X-Men: Origins, Deadpool has even served as the final villain for a Wolverine movie before.

4 - Thanos

Deadpool and Thanos share a history in Marvel Comics - a rather unexpected one, with both characters, falls in love with the same woman: Death. If Thanos is going to be part of the sequel, this romantic triangle would have to be built up from scratch, as neither of the series that include those characters has mentioned it. The gist is like this: Thanos loves Death, but Death loves Deadpool. This leads to Thanos trying to kill Deadpool and failed every time.

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An unlikely love triangle

With Josh Brolin playing both Thanos in Infinity War and Cable in Deadpool 2, expects a lot of fourth-wall-breaking if these two are to appear together on the big screen.

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