The realm of drama, extravaganza and love stories are found in Bollywood. No other movie stands up to the Indian ones. They are entertaining, melodramatic and even fun. The storylines are unique, sprinkled with beautiful landscapes, people and traditions. What’s not to like about them? In the last period, the most-watched movies were inspired by an all-time favourite theme; gambling. Do you want to watch them too? If so, we got our recommendations on the way! Check them below.

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Teen Patti

Produced by Ambika A. Hinduja, Teen Patti is one of the most popular Indian movies. Amitabh Bachchan, Ben Kingsley and Madhavan are starring in this masterpiece. The movie was inspired by one of the most popular poker variations, Teen Patti. The main character, Venkat Subramaniam is a genius mathematician that works on developing a special equation which can change the probability and randomness. This can be revolutionary if it’s applied smartly in a casino. Before that, the mathematician is trying to play and test his equation on the online game Teen Patti and predict the outcome of the game perfectly.


Even if the main character strongly believed in the equation, the other employees of the institute did not believe in it. Because he is certain about his discovery, he calls for help from another professor and three students to test his theory. His experiment turned out to be successful and desire to develop the equation even more. And..when it comes to the money-making, the professor is helped to organize Teen Patti’s nights but all of their winnings are stolen. Later they are blackmailed. If you are attracted to this movie, it means that you are attracted to the gambling as well. If you want to learn more about casinos and games, visit


An Indian movie with a thrilling twist - that’s how people describe Striker, produced and directed by the famous Chandan Arora. The actors that star in this movie are Siddharth, Usha Jadhav, Padmapriya and Aditya Pancholi. The main character is born in a poor family and fights with his health since he was a kid. He enters the gambling world with the help of his brother which is going to introduce him to the popular game of carrom. The dream of the main character is to have a better life so he starts and works hard but he loses all of his money because of a shady agency that promises him a job in sunny Dubai. From that point, the movie is full of action, revenge and strategies that will help Suryakant Saran to evolve and even find his way in life. It’s an all-time favourite that has to be seen! If you like plots like this, Striker will be one of your favourites.


One of the most dramatic, yet beautiful and lovely stories is Gambler. Raja, the main character, is facing life in the most dramatic way until he learns to rise from the pain and become his own man. He becomes more confident and tries to forget his bad past along with his mother that abandoned him as a baby. Because his life was unfavourable, Raja met up with crime lords that pushed him into that world full of blood, tears and fights.

What did he want to do? To break up this vicious circle he has to gain money. The single thing that helps him is to gamble on casinos and increase his finances. Once he completed this mission, he became unstoppable and the action of the movie ended up to be epic! If you never say this masterpiece is time to do it! You will be fascinated by the thrill of the gambling world and even want to try out casino games like that.

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A love story that is not only dramatic but very untraditional. The movie follows the main character's chaotic life with crime and romance scenes. Arjun is trying to get rich overnight by playing casino games. He is trying to win fortunes, but will he succeed? Maybe the card games he loved so much will make him a rich man overnight. His ambitions grew since he met Zoya, in a mall and instantly fell in love with her.

Will love be enough for Arjun if the money and wealth desire control him? For as long as he gambles and wins more and more, the police keep an eye on him but that’s until he got an interesting offer. In exchange for his soul, he will gain the power and life he always wanted. What will he do? That remains to be seen.

The Great Gambler

The Great Gambler can be described in one word: innovation! The movie revolved in the casino industry and sometimes is intriguing and controversial - two features that are perfect for the best Bollywood movies. The masterpiece was created by Shakti Samanta back on 15 March 1979. Full of crimes, adventures, gangsters and spies, The Great Gambler is one of the best action movies on the market. The action starts with Jai, which is played by Amitabh Bachchan. He is a professional gambler with 0 lost games.

The skills of Jai attract the attention of one of the biggest underworld gangsters, don Ratan Das. He will be interested in hiring him to win huge amounts of money from the richest people. However, Jai luck and strategies will come to an end and he will start losing, so he will get blackmail. What will be the outcome of the movie?! Watch it and enjoy the end of it.

Each one of the movies mentioned above is a masterpiece in their ways. Romance, action, comedy and drama follows them. Inspired by the casinos and the flamboyant world of gambling, Teen Patti, Striker, The Great Gambler, Jannat, and Gambler will catch your attention in a heartbeat.