Director James Gunn continues to answer questions from fans on Twitter and after confirming that 'The Suicide Squad' (the remake version) still has a release date, as he is working as much as he can on the edition remotely, he has spoken of the date for 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3'. Fans have asked him directly how the current situation with COVID-19 affects the Guardians movie and, not surprisingly, it does not affect anything.

When will Guardians of the Galaxy 3 come out?

Since the film doesn't even have a release date, the closest opening it could be released in would be October 7, 2022, more than two and a half years away. For this reason, Gunn explains that at this time unless this matter is further expanded, the situation is as planned:

"Right now the plans with Vol 3 are also exactly the same as before the coronavirus."

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 to go on floors next year- Cinema ...
Guardians 3 already has a date but James Gunn is still tight-lipped about when

To put it another way, the general delay that the MCU calendar has suffered would not have affected him in his case. In fact, he explains that although Disney and Marvel haven't announced the movie's release date, he does know when it will be released:

"Yes, of course,” Gunn replies when asked if he knows where it is on the calendar.

The positive reading that all this has is that although Gunn is currently embarked on the Suicide Squad remake, and that Marvel Studios has not said anything about it, Guardians 3 is already scheduled.

Although we don't have all the information yet, logic suggests that it will be released in May 2023, since the date of October 2022 was said a couple of weeks ago that it would be for the Blade movie.

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