Released in early 2020, the Hacked Movie 2020 Full Movie Bollywood is a cyber-crime thriller that is directed by Vikram Bhatt and lasts 102 minutes. The movie warns about the modern society in which technology has developed more powerfully than ever, even partly taken control of our daily life. Although the Hacked movie didn’t become a success at the box office, it still worth a try, especially when you want to learn how the Bollywood industry deploys this new concept.

Now, let check out the overviews of this movie with you!

The Cast Of Hacked Movie 2020 Full Movie Bollywood

Hacked Full Movie in Hindi - New latest Bollywood Movies 2020 marks the collaboration of Hina Khan and Rohan Shah as the lead characters. Meanwhile, the supporting roles belong to Mohit Malhotra, Sid Makkar, Sanjay Kurbaxani, Pravina Deshpande, and more.

Hina Khan
Hina Khan plays the main female character, Sam.

Speaking of Hina Khan, the film actress was born in 1987 and gains lots of interest from the Indian audience via her performance as Akshara in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and then Bigg Boss 11. Since 2015, Hina Khan was recognized as one of the highest-paid actresses in the Indian TV industry for two years in a row.

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Meanwhile, the 1994-born actor Rohan Shah started his acting career via TV commercial ads in 2001. Until now, he has kept taking part in many TV shows, movie projects, and web series with a hope to approach the audience closer. The Hacked 2020 Full Movie Hindi Download is considered as a notable work during his acting career to date.

The Plot Of Hacked Movie 2020 Full Movie Bollywood

The movie revolves around a boy called Vivek who has a crush on his neighbor, Sam. However, Hacked doesn’t mention a common love story like many other movies. It focuses on depicting Vivek’s obsession with Sam via his overreactions such as stalking or eavesdropping on her anywhere and anytime.

Hacked Movie 2020 Full Movie in Hindi mentions Sameera Sam Khanna or Sam as an employee in a magazine company. Her boyfriend is Om Kapoor - a film director, but their love is actually fragile. At Sam’s birthday party, she invited all her colleagues and friends; however, Om is absent. Sam is disappointed and drinks a lot. At that time, Vivek appears to help keep her apartment clean and has a talk with her.

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Sam, without any consciousness after the party, feels comforted and has sex with Vivek. She gets deeply shocked when waking up the next morning and realizing who is lying next to her. Things get worse when Om is waiting for her behind the door.

The world of Sameera Sam Khanna seems to change completely. She even can’t pay attention to the meeting and gets scolded by her boss. Vivek who always keeps track of Sam appears on time to give food to her and her colleagues. Feeling uncomfortable, the girl decides to have a serious talk with Vivek. She also asserts that the past was just a mistake and he shouldn’t interfere in her life.

Hacked 2020

On the following day, Sam surprisingly realizes that she can’t enter the office. Her boss reveals that a hacker steals the company files via her laptop. At that time, Vivek also makes a call to her and reveals what he has done, as well as his love for her. Of course, Sam just hopes that he will disappear from her life.

Vivek starts his plan to ruin Sam by making her become unemployed. Then, she and Om Kapoor decide to relax in Goa and temporarily stay away from all trouble. The couple has sweet and intimate moments on this vacation; however, they don’t learn that Vivek secretly captures photos and spreads them on the Internet.

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Sam, once again, feels deeply disappointed when Om denies his relationship with her. Since that moment, she decides to take revenge on Vivek. And then, the hacker is arrested by police officers but he manages to escape by threatening to reveal an officer’s secrets to his wife.


He continues to attack Sam via her Facebook account, leading to Rohan’s anger. Rohan beats Vivek up but the bad hacker still doesn’t give up his plan. Sam finally escapes from Vivek’s stalking thanks to the support of his maid who turns out to be another victim. At the end of the Hacked 2020 Full Movie In Hindi Download, Vivek is killed by his own victim Sam. However, the evidence that can prove her crime is completely removed by Vivek himself.

Although the Hacked movie 2020 Full Movie Bollywood doesn’t gain high appreciation from critics as expected, it is still one of the promising movies this year. Besides the interesting screenplay, Hina Khan’s performance must deserve consideration.

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