Recently, Disney is sticking to the trend of making the live-action version of their classic animated movies such as Beauty and The Beast, The Jungle Book, Alladin,... To be honest, most of them were being 'meh' or a complete disaster. Yet, people still come to the theater to watch them out of nostalgist so these movies still made money even though they got lots of bad reviews.

But although these live-action movies are not so good, they are still better than nothing. Fans still want to see more and Hercules is high on the list.

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There is going to have a Hercules live-action movie

All we know about the live-action version of Hercules is that the Russo brothers are going to be the producer of the movie. But since the internet are excited about the movie, they have made their own predictions about who are going to be in the cast of Hercules live-action.


Hercules, the main hero of the show, who is also just a clumsy teenager with super strength. Does it remind you of someone? Like spiderman perhaps. Yep, Tom Holland seems to be a good fit for the role of a boy who is learning how to become a hero.


Zac Efron is also a favorite pick for many people, but he is a little bit too old now. Plus, he is way too hot to play the clumsy Hercules.



Megara is the role that is debated the most by the fans. As the leading female for the movie, the character has to be a grown-up woman with an alluring, charming, manipulative personality, a complex person who always lives in her own contradiction about love. Here are the top 2 contenders for Megara: Liz Gillies and Ariana Grande.




Hercules's mentor, a sarcastic goat who has trained multiple heroes throughout history so he can make his dream to be famous and loved come true. But he never succeeded and turned into an easily annoyed person. Danny DeVito sure has nailed his character during the 1997 animated movie, but let say he won't play Phil in the upcoming movie then Josh Gad would probably be the best option.

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Who can play Hades better than the god of mischief, Loki. We have witnessed the acting talent of Tom Hiddleston multiple times as a deceptive antagonist in the MCU. While Jame Woods will always be the best Hades, I believe that Tom Hiddleston is the best pick for the next live-action movie.


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