Lovely dolls always win the hearts of children across the world due to their cute and eye-catching appearance. However, the images of these toys become more frightened than ever when they appear in horror movies about dolls. Now, let’s check out the following list with to meet some of the scariest dolls on the screens to date!

Dead Of Night (1945)

Hugo Fitch is amongst the most popular and scariest dolls from horror movies. Although the character just played the “supporting role” in this movie, it managed to make a powerful impression on the global audience. The doll belongs to Maxwell Frere but it can act on its own. It creates a series of illusion on Maxwell, making him kill his colleague Sylvester Kee. Maxwell then ends up in jail and finally, in a psychiatric hospital because he always sees illusion and hears the voice in his head. The success of the Dead of Night then becomes the premise for filmmakers to continue deploying the images of haunted dolls in horror movies.

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Poltergeist (1982)

Portraying the antagonist in Poltergeist, Clown is considered as the incarnate of vengeful spirits. It can suddenly appear anywhere and always stare at others with a haunting smile. Clown becomes a creepy icon that makes many people shiver whenever mentioning clowns.

Puppet Master (1989)

Speaking of horror movies with dolls or puppets, many still get deeply impressed by Puppet Master - a movie that revolves around puppets created by Andre Toulon. They all have weird traits such as a drill for a head or the ability to vomit leeches. No need to explain how frightened the audience feels about these puppets.

Puppet Master
Puppet Master.

Dolly Dearest (1991)

In Mexico, an archaeologist accidentally releases a devil’s spirit out of a Mayan tomb and that spirit then possesses a doll called Dolly. It can move around the house and always tries to possess and control humans. Dolly Dearest must be a great option for those who are looking for a horror movies dolls list this Halloween.

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Pinocchio’s Revenge (1996)

Although it is inspired by a fictional character, Pinocchio in Pinocchio’s Revenge turns out to be a weird killer. It can talk and move like real humans and starts to cause terrible accidents for victims when being escaped from the string.

The Dummy (2000)

The Dummy revolves around a ventriloquist dummy that has a mind of its own. It worth mentioning that it can’t resist desiring to kill people, leading to a series of murders in a suburb. Watch The Dummy right now if you are looking for horror movies about dolls!

The Dummy (2000).

Child’s Play Series (1998 - 2017)

Child’s Play gained success because this series is based on true stories of cruel doll Robert. Charles Lee Ray nicknamed Chucky is inspired by Robert - a notoriously haunted doll that is possessed by a serial killer. It always tries to capture spirits and kill everyone on its way.

Saw (2004 - 2017)

Revolving around a haunted doll Bill, Saw is amongst the most notable horror movies based on dolls in Hollywood in the 2000s. The creepy doll helps well-known director James Wan gain attention from the global audience. Billy always appears in videotapes to require its victims to conducts fatal challenges. The only sound directly coming from this doll is a monotone like electronic sounds in Halloween’s toys.

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Dead Silence (2007)

Dead Silence is known as a typical movie directed by James Wan. Over time, this movie has been one of the horror movies with dolls or puppets that the audience feels the most frightened at. The dolls are cursed by the innocent spirit of May Shaw - a ventriloquist who is accused of killing a boy while she can’t prove her innocence. She is then killed and has her tongue cut by people in Raven’s Fair. One day, her creepy dolls return to the village to kill the whole villagers. All of their victims have one thing in common: they lose their tongues.

The Conjuring And Annabelle (2013 to now)

Annabelle has been recognized as the creepiest haunted doll in the United States since the 1970s. James Wan first introduced it to the global audience in The Conjuring (2013). And now, this scary doll continues to freak the audience out when it takes the spotlight in the three best-selling standalone movies. It is said that a devil turns into Annabelle Higgins to do a series of cruel crimes. Although the series has lasted 7 years, the audience always remembers Annabelle whenever mentioning haunted dolls.

Above are the top horror movies about dolls that film fans can consider watching this Halloween. Remember that they are not for the faint of heart!

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