Who actually thought clowns would make good entertainers when most of us who have seen them would only develop coulrophobia, or fear of clowns? The fact that clowns scare us more than entertain us has made Pennywise an icon among horror movies with clowns, but he is not the only being with a painted face that has given us nightmares.

While lockdowns and quarantines are still underway in many places, let's take a look at the best horror movies with clowns to help spend your time while Halloween season is still ongoing even as the official date has passed. Here's a top 10 list of horror movies with clowns so that, if your fear allows it, you can see them alone at home:

Top 10 Horror Movies with Clowns to Watch and Hate Clowns Even More

1. It (1990, 2017 and 2019)

Obviously, in this list of horror movies of clowns, we have to talk about Pennywise. In the first on-screen incarnation of the monstrous creature wearing clown facepaint, Tim Curry made his mark with the party clown look and to this day we all have nightmares about the bathroom scene.

However, Bill Skarsgård was not far behind with his role in the 2017 and 2019 films. The Swedish actor even found new ways to disturb us with a dancing clown.

2. Clown (2014)

Before giving us Spider-Man: Homecoming, director Jon Watts made one of the most memorable horror movies with clowns on Netflix you could watch. The story follows a loving father who finds a clown outfit for his son's birthday party. However, he soon discovers that he is much more than a garment when he begins to undergo a terrible transformation.

3. Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

In addition to being one of the horror movies with clowns that you must see, this has become a cult film. It focuses on an alien race that has the appearance of clowns that comes to invade Earth. Best of all, they have all sorts of circus weapons - popcorn guns, cotton candy cocoons, magic tricks - and they are deadly.

4. Clownhouse (1989)

Obviously on this list of horror movies with clowns is this slasher from the late 80s. It focuses on three mental institution patients who escaped and killed clowns from a circus and taking their identities. Just before Halloween, a trio of brothers meets these jesters without knowing what they really are.

5. Poltergeist

The jesters on this list don't need to be flesh and blood to cause nightmares. That is the case of Poltergeist's toy clown because although his screen time is very short, we all still remember the scene in which he stretches his arms to murder a child. That is definitely "life-long" trauma from clowns.

6. Stitches (2013)

Among the creepiest horror movies with clowns is this cinematic production inspired by the slashers of the 80s. The story focuses on a clown named Stitches who returns from the dead to take revenge on the group of children who killed him; so get ready to see gore and lots of black humor.

7. Killjoy (2000)

It may not be very well known, but this low-budget movie managed to generate four sequels focused on the demon Killjoy. The demon takes the shape of a clown and, in the first movie, he is invoked to avenge the murder of a teenager.

8. Zombieland (2009)

We know that it is not a horror movie with clowns because the entire movie is about zombies. However, we cannot ignore the appearance of the undead clown who appears at the climax of the movie to confront Columbus when the gang is trapped in a circus.

9. 100 Tears (2007)

Although it is an independent production, it is one of the horror films with clowns that you must see for the sheer terror. It focuses on Gurdy the Clown who is wrongly accused of rape. In revenge, he begins a hunt against those who wrongfully prosecuted him. However, his true evil comes out and a massacre based on hatred unfolded.

10. Gacy (2003)

We can't talk about horror movies with clowns without mentioning this one that is based on the serial killer John Wayne Gacy, also known as "Pogo the Clown." This is a man who caused terror in the 70s when the bodies of around 30 young people were found buried in the basement of his house.

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