If you are a true fan of detective movies, the following top list of Hollywood detective movies of all time must be a great option. This list consists of best movies that make you unable to take your eyes off the screen, even in a few seconds.

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Top List Of Hollywood Detective Movies (1/2)

The Life Of David Gale

Journalist Bitsey Bloom interviews David Gale - a famous professor who strongly opposes the death penalty. He is accused of killing activist Constance Harraway and will be punished in the next three days.

While Bitsey talks to the professor, she gradually realizes that his life is in her hands, and she is the one to prove Gale’s innocence. The Life Of David Gale brings a lot of thrills with an unpredictable ending. And it always belongs to the list of best Hollywood detective movies of all time.

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In a robbery, an art auctioneer Simon is beaten heavily on his head, leading to his amnesia. However, he is the only one to know where the painting worth millions of dollars is placed.

The gang kidnaps Simon but their efforts come to nothing because he can’t remember anything. They decide to hire a hypnotist named Elizabeth in a bid to get vital information from his memory. Trance is obviously an addictive psychological thriller film you need to pay much attention to keep pace with every detail and avoid missing any important plot.


Gone Baby Gone

In the Boston neighborhood of Dorchester, when the mother is absent, a 4-year-old girl is kidnapped. Despite the police’s efforts into the investigation, there haven’t been any optimistic results. The victim’s aunt asks some private detectives for help because this case has led to the loss of their fame, as well as impacted their daily life. Gone Baby Gone deserves an excellent detective movie directed by Ben Affleck.

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Within 25 years, a serial killer named Zodiac makes San Francisco citizens live in fear. He contacts the authorities via the local reporters and mocks the police when they don’t follow what he writes in his letters.

Crime reporter Paul Avery and political cartoonist Robert Graysmith start to pay a lot of attention to these mysterious letters and decide to help the police to find out the killer’s traces. However, it’s never easy to catch a serial killer. The thriller movie Zodiac is directed by David Fincher and based on a true story.

And Then There Were None

Ten strange people are invited to visit a magnificent manor on an isolated island. When they are ready for the dinner, their hosts are still absent, and the only representatives of the manor are a husband and wife as servants. They record what has taken place, accuse all the participants in a murder, and promise that these people will be punished.

There is always a new death every day, but who is the true killer when there is nobody but them on this isolated island. And Then There Were None is based on Agatha Christie’s detective novel of the same name. It’s not surprising why this movie occupies a top position on the best Hollywood detective movies list imdb.

And Then There Were None

List Of Hollywood Detective Movies (2/2)

Mulholland Drive

After a car accident, a girl loses her mind and calls herself Rita inspired by an advertisement poster. She tries to start a new life in Hollywood; however, the past secrets keep following her.

Who are the two men in the same car with her? And who loses his life in this accident? Why does her new friend Betty sometimes appear in her life?

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The Number 23

Walter Sparrow, an animal controller, starts to read a novel called The Number 23 given by his wife. While reading it, he gradually realizes that what happens to the novel’s main character reminds him a lot of his own life. To change the future, Walter must reveal the secrets behind the number 23 or he will conduct a weird murder as the character in the novel does. Don’t miss The Number 23 if you are looking for the list of Hollywood detective movies!


Leonard Shelby suffers uncommon memory loss but he can still remember some incidents in the past. His memory is gradually recovered after his wife is killed. Leonard tries to find out the identity of the culprits and decides to take photos to connect the discrete pieces of memory so that he can rebuild his past.


Keller Dover has to face the scariest nightmare all parents in the world never want to face: his 6-year-old daughter and her friend suddenly disappear. The only clue is a motorhome that parked on the street where they are caught standing for the last time.

Detective Loki arrests the driver but soon leaves him free because of a lack of persuasive proof. While the police have kept hesitating, the father decides in vain to investigate the case on his own. The movie Prisoners manages to attract huge attention from the global audience. Watch this movie right now if you are looking for a Hollywood detective movies list dubbed in Hindi.

Hugh Jackman Prisoners
Prisoners is amongst the best movies during Hugh Jackman's acting career.


Before moving to another company, Willy Beachum, a lawyer assistant, handles the case of Ted Crawford - a man who fires his wife’s head. Beachum believes that it’s not hard to end this case but the investigation then points out that there is not enough persuasive proof to accuse the defendant. Who is the actual culprit? The answer is revealed at the end of Fracture. Watch it now!

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