For those who have ever heard of the Madha Gaja Raja 2020, they may know this Bollywood movie has had lots of delays and until now, fans have continued to wait for it to hit screens. It is an Indian Tamil-language action-comedy film that is written and directed by director Sundar C under the production of Gemini Film Circuit. It is edited by Praveen K. L. and N. B. Srikanth, and its music is composed by Vijay Antony. Its running time is reportedly 2 hours 50 minutes and the film-makers spent Rs 20 crore on its budget. And before this movie is officially released at cinemas, let’s take a look at the following review with!

Madha Gaja Raja
A dancing scene in the Madha Gaja Raja movie.

Madha Gaja Raja 2020 Cast

  • Vishal as Raja
  • Anjali as Madhanadevi
  • Varalaxmi Sarathkumar as Gajarani
  • Santhanam as Nandagopal
  • And many other actors.

When it comes to the cast of the Madha Gaja Raja 2020 movie, we will see some familiar and famous names including Vishal, Anjali, and Varalaxmi as the main roles. In addition, Nithin Sathya and Santhanam also make their appearance as pivotal supporting roles in this film.

As one of the main characters, Vishal Krishna Reddy isn’t just a film actor but he also works as an Indian producer in the Tamil film industry. Vishal’s acting career is attached with a series of roles in an action film; therefore, the audience can definitely believe in the success of the Madha Gaja Raja 2020 Telegu Full Movie download.

Madha Gaja Raja 2020
Bollywood movies always bring appealing dances to the audience.

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Madha Gaja Raja 2020 Release Date

Maybe there haven’t been any Bollywood movie that is postponed as many times as Madha Gaja Raja movie download. It was in January 2012 that Director Sundar C and actor Vishal first made an announcement on their cooperation in this project. At that time, fans must be eager to hear that Vishal would perform up to three characters in the film. However, lots of unexpected incidents took place, leading to its delay many times.

Like many other projects, this movie faces issues such as changing the script, as well as actors that don’t want to keep working for it. The number of leading actresses also changed, from one to two. During the schedule, Vishal got an injury as he filmed a fight scene, and he was forced to have a rest for a week. Until October 2012, this movie was reportedly complete and the producer began to promote it in November 2012.

Madha Gaja Raja Sundar C
One of the lovely moments in this movie.

The release date of Madha Gaja Raja 2020 was initially 14 January 2013. However, Samar, another film of Vishal, had been postponed for a long time and he planned to release it on the same date. The film-maker planned to change the release date to 26 January 2013, but it also didn’t work.

Madha Gaja Raja Unreleased
A film directed by Sundar C and starring Vishal as the main role must be enough to attract even the most difficult watchers.

Once again, the producers made an announcement on the new release date of this movie – on 9 September 2013 - the same day with the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. The movie kept being delayed a few times in 2014 and 2015. Even in 2015, Vishal and director Sundar C teamed up with to make another film while Madha Gaja Raja 2020 couldn’t approach the audience. Vishal had an intention to release this movie by December 2015, but it failed. A series of plans regarding the release date of this movie in 2016 also came to failure, and until now, fans have kept waiting for it hitting screens.

Madha Gaja Raja Songs

The soundtrack album of the Madha Gaja Raja movie was composed by Vijay Antony - a well-known Indian music composer, lyricist, and playback singer in the Tamil film industry. Vijay Antony was recognized as the first Indian to win the Cannes Golden Lion for a song named Naaka Mukka in the Best Music category. It is not exaggerated to say that his fame is a guarantee for the success of the soundtrack of the Madha Gaja Raja 2020 Telegu full movie download. The outstanding music composer also made an appearance in many action-thriller movies such as Salim, Pichaikkaran, Saithan, Yaman, and Kolaigaran.

This movie was the first time Vijay collaborated with Sundar C and the second time he worked with Vishal (Vedi marked the first collaboration between Vijay and Vishal).

In 2012, the song “My Dear Loveru” was composed by Vijay and sung by Vishal as a promotional track for the film. This song lasts 04 minutes 24 seconds. The total length of the soundtrack of this movie is 23 minutes 09 seconds.

Madha Gaja Raja Vishal
Vishal's acting talent promises to bring excellent moments to the audience.

Here is the list of songs in Madha Gaja Raja that are released until now:

  • Chikku Bukku: Composed by Annamalai, sung by Chinna Ponnu and Prabhu Pandala.
  • My Dear Loveru: Composed by Vijay, sung by Vishal.
  • Nee Dhana Nee Dhana: Composed by Vijay, sung by Vijay Antony.
  • Sattru Mun Varai: Composed by Annamalai, sung by Santhosh Hariharan.
  • Thumbakki Thumbai: Composed by Vijay, sung by Vijay Antony.

In spite of lots of ups and downs, the Madha Gaja Raja 2020 movie is expected to hit screens in India and across the world this year. Maybe there has been seldom any movie that has had as many delays as this film. Sundar C, Vishal, as well as other members of the crew must also hope that it will soon come to the public eye. Hopefully, Bollywood fans will soon see the Madha Gaja Raja 2020 Telegu Full Movie download link on the Internet.

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