If you are looking for horror movies similar to Wrong Turn, the following list is for you. “The Invisible Man”, “Freaky”, and “His House” are amongst the most notable movies of last year that received a lot of acclaim from the critics and won the hearts of global audiences.

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The Invisible Man

Unlike previous movies, Leigh Whannell’s The Invisible Man focuses more on exploiting abusive relationships and suspense thriller scenes. The impressive performance of Elizabeth Moss successfully manages to touch the audiences’ hearts. Her character is seemingly stuck under the scary control of her lover. Furthermore, the hi-tech suit that helps the character turn invisible is also a big plus point to make the 2020 movie more impressive than ever.

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While waiting for the latest movies related to Wrong Turn, Freaky must be a great option for horror film fans. Director Christopher Langdon continues to prove his limitless creativity via the latest slasher horror movie Freaky. This movie, in fact, is a great combination of slasher and body transformation. While the brutal scenes make the audiences feel creepy, they can’t stop laughing at the situation in which a teenage girl gets stuck in the body of a killer portrayed by Vince Vaughn.


Possessor makes an impression on the audience due to its new and addictive script. The movie revolves around an assassin who always kills the targets by controlling others’ bodies. There are a lot of bloody scenes in Brandon Cronenberg’s psychological horror movie, along with unique plot twists about how to bend humans’ minds.


Directed by Aneesh Chaganty, this thriller movie deploys the toxic mother-daughter relationship between Chloe and Diane. The audiences across the world get deeply impressed by the great performances of horror queen Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allen. The couple had good interactions and managed to create a series of stressful and dramatic battles of wits till the end.


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Impetigore tells a story about Maya - a survivor after a scary plot. She then learns that she turns out to be the heir of a large house in a remote village called Harjosari. Maya doesn’t know that it is just a sophisticated trap.


Impetigore consists of many bloody scenes with ghosts wandering everywhere. It also depicts the complicated relationships in a family. This Indonesian movie is nominated for Best International Feature Film at the 93rd Academy Awards. Don’t miss Impetigore if you are looking for a movie similar to Wrong Turn!

The Lodge

Like Goodnight Mommy (2014), two talented Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz continue to make a movie that revolves around conflicts in a family. This time, they tell a story about two children and their stepmother. The Lodge doesn’t hide any hostility the children including Aiden and Mia show to their stepmother via their looks and cruel jokes.

The Platform

The Platform mentions an experiment in which prisoners are expected to share food with others and improve union in a prison. However, the movie reveals to the audience that the ideal target of this experiment is merely wishful thinking because humans can do everything terrible to survive from extreme hunger.

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There are some similarities between Host and The Blair Witch Project or Unfriended. This horror movie draws a lot of attention across the world when mentioning a recently popular app called Zoom which is widely used during the COVID-19 pandemic. 6 friends from many places decide to hold séances via this app. They never think that their rite is a great success, leading to their being hunted by a scary spirit. Watch Host right now if you are looking for similar movies to Wrong Turn!

Color Out Of Space

Compared to other movies about space monsters in recent years, Color Out Of Space impresses the audiences due to its good script that is based on the novel by H.P. Lovecraft. The movie ends with an obsessive ending about humans’ littleness in front of countless powerful enemies from outer spaces. Nicolas Cage’s performance as a crazy man once again makes the audience hard to forget.

His House

Speaking of a list of movies like Wrong Turn, His House is no doubt a must-watch. It is amongst the most successful movies on Netflix in 2020 with a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes.

His House
His House.

It revolves around a haunted house and impresses the audiences via unique horror scenes. It also reveals to us the deadlock of refugees and psychological trauma caused by bloody wars in Sudan. The biggest plus point of His House derives from the smooth combination of war crimes and supernatural horror.

Above are the top ten most appreciated movies similar to Wrong Turn in 2020 you shouldn’t miss. Watch them all if you are a big fan of horror movies. Tell us which movie suits you the most!

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