Netflix has released the trailer for the upcoming Bollywood blockbuster named Betaal. A second after the video of the trailer was released, the internet in India was shaken. It unveiled many thrilling, bloody, and horror scenes from the horror series. Check out the synopsis and brief review here.

Betaal Trailer Shook The Indian Internet

The official trailer of the upcoming Netflix blockbuster, Betaal, was released this Friday. This horror series by Shah Rukh Khan features a story of an anti-zombie crew in Indian. The story takes place in a mountainous village in India.

The series was produced by Shah Rukh Khan, a great filmmaker in India who made many successful horror movies before. If you have watched some thrilling hits like Ghoul, Get Out, and Bard of Blood, this name is not strange to you.

The film also stars some great actors, such as Viineet Kumar, Aahana Kumra, and Suchitra Pillai. It will come to Netflix users on May 24th with a breathless battle for survival. Evil is eternal. Can human defeat it to stay alive, or become a part of this dead army? It will be unveiled in Betaal 2020 on Netflix.

Betaal will be a big hit this summer on Netflix, especially amid this time. The world is facing a hard-to-defeat and life-threatening virus. And Sirohi’s team is encountering a deadly curse. You may feel some connection with the characters in this story when facing an unknown threat to life. Or else, your belief that humans will always win will be reinforced.

See The Trailer For Betaal New Horror Thriller Ser
The Series Will Come To Netflix Users This May 24th

After the release on May 7th, the movie trailer has reached over 20 lakh views on Youtube. It proved the heat of the horror series even before its official release this May.

Betaal Plot: A Breathless Battle Between Indian Police Vs Zombie Army

The Curse And The 'Outsiders'

In the opening scene of the trailer, the patriarch and leader board of the village informed villager about the coming of something called “the outsiders”. These unidentified outsiders will come to take their village and destroy their life. There is only a tunnel to get into the village. If the tunnel is broken, the life of villagers will be threatened.

The Opening Scene Of Betaal Trailer
The Opening Scene Of Betaal Trailer Unveiled A Curse

Facing the threat from these dangerous creatures, the village leader has to call for urgent help from Sirohi’s team. Sirohi, the team leader, is very confident in eliminating those ‘outsiders’ soon. But it seems to be tougher than he thought. When the team encounters the undefeatable zombie army and an unknown leader of that horrific army, he changed his mind. Sirohi knows he must be more serious about this battle and the situation is worse.

Sirohi Takes The Mission Of Saving The Village
Sirohi Takes The Mission Of Saving The Village

Can They Survive?

Betaal, the title of the series, is also the name of the haunted mountain in this movie. The villagers, British Indian police, and also audiences are surrounded by a horrific undead evil army. Zombies in red coats are leaded by an unknown influencer. He turns dead bodies into undead zombies and wants to occupy the humans’ village.

The Film Is Full Of Horror Scenes
The Film Is Full Of Horror Scenes

Sirohi and his team take the task of clearing a path for civilization and the curse to save alive people in the village. The battle becomes more thrilling and breathless than ever before when his enemies are undead creatures. He even didn’t know who was standing behind the curse and that horrific army. All he knows is his team and alive villagers are surrounded by cursed zombie waves that are increasingly growing and will strike soon. If they cannot stop it soon, all of them will die. Who will win this battle? Just wait to see.