While there is no gameplay footage available of Assassin's Creed Valhalla yet, there has been a steady stream of information leaked out about the game's open world, story, and gameplay. Valhalla would be the first AC game to hit the next-gen consoles PS5 and Xbox X.

Below are some of the biggest reveals and crucial features that are going to be part of the game:

1 - Combat and Open World Elements

Ac Valhalla Art
The sea exploration would be similar to Black Flag
  • Combat has been moderately altered compared to the previous 2 entries - every hit would feel more impactful. Players can now decapitate and dismember enemies.
  • Dual wielding is now possible with a huge range of weaponry and not just swords. Shields, throwing axes, assassin's blade return. The players' companion is a raven.
  • Players will roam the sea using a Viking longship, raid fortresses, and engage in large scale battle. RPG elements like skills and gear similar to Origins would return.
  • Open-world activities would include fishing, hunting, drinking, dice, and flyting (Viking rap battles).

2 - Story and World

Collector's edition of AC: Valhalla
  • Valhalla is set in the Dark Ages - 9th century England. the protagonist, Eivor, is a Viking warrior whose task is to lead his people from Norway to settle in England. The main antagonist of the story would be King Alfred of Wessex.
  • Eivor would eventually run into the Assassins or Hidden Ones as they are called in the first 2 games and the Order of the Ancients (Templar).

3 - Player choice and customization

Assassins Creed Valhalla 2
This would pretty much be a full-fledged RPG
  • Players can choose between a male or a female protagonist. Gears and player appearances are customizable and unique.
  • They would also be able to customize their Viking raider crews and settlements. Choices would be a big part of the campaign, including political and personal dialogue choices.

Valhalla is currently worked on by Ubisoft Montreal. It would be released in holiday 2020. Interested in more of our posts related to PC games? Please check out this Resident Evil 3 Review.