Fury Unleashed is a combination of various aspects of the modern roguelite platformers genre – if you are looking for something similar to Dead Cells or Rogue Legacy, this is probably it. Various aspects from older platformer shooters like Metal Slug are also included as well. This game has been in development for 5 years, entering Steam’s Early Access in 2017.

You would take on the role of the protagonist 'Fury', the star of the fictional comic book series Fury Unleashed in his journey to save the world by eliminating all evil. There are four separate comic arcs, each with a completely different theme: in Awakening of the Ancient God, you would have to carve a path through the waves of the undead jungle, while in Crimson Dusk, you would have to face time-traveling Nazis... Overall, there are more than enough unique content that you would be able to enjoy - the game has over 40 bosses!

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A giant boss in Fury Unleashed

The control mechanic of Fury Unleashed is pretty simple, but the execution of those is a different matter entirely. It would take some time for you to get familiar with the game's steep learning curve if you are not familiar with platformer titles. Your character would have the ability to shoot, throw grenades, melee, activate a superpower, double jump, dash... all the usual platformer gist. The gameplay is generally focused on chaining kills together into combos – the higher you are able to chain your attacks without taking damage, the bigger the buffs you would be able to unlock.

Switch Furyunleashed 01
Going toe to toe against grotesque abominations

When you die, your character would be teleported back to the first level, true to roguelike fashion - but at least you get to keep your upgrades. Overall, Fury Unleashed is a pretty well-crafted title and is definitely worth playing if you are a fan of the platformer genre. Its demo is currently available on Steam.

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