The final tile for the next AC game, Valhalla, was revealed during the end of Ubisoft's official announcement live stream. A full trailer is scheduled for release exactly one day after, at 8:30 PM IST. The previous rumors about the game taking place in the Viking Age were totally correct.

3663840 Valhalla
The trailer is going to be out very soon

Being roughly 100-400 years prior to the events of the original Assassin's Creed, the story is likely to connect the timeline of the soft reboot series to the original, with the eventual reveal about how the Order of Ancients and the Hidden Ones become the Templar Order and the Assassin Brotherhood. This game would continue the narrative started in Origin's Ancient Egypt and Odyssey's Ancient Greek.

Assassins Creed Origins Screenshot 9
The assassin order has spread all over the world

In the official cover artwork for announcing the setting of Valhalla, we can see a Viking warrior stand between two different scenes. Both those scenes are iconic for the setting: in the first one, we can see Viking raiders sailing around in their iconic longboats - and in the second, we can see them attacking the English soldiers. We can assume that the Viking warrior standing at the middle is our protagonist - the guy is holding an ax engraved with the symbol of the Assassin Brotherhood in its blade. An ax is usually not a weapon that an assassin would use, but in the ancient world, anything with an edge would probably work.

AC franchise has become way more fantastical than usual

Additionally, the raven on the shoulder of the Viking dude is likely to serve as a reconnaissance tool, similar to the two eagles Ikaros and Senu did in the previous games, Odyssey and Origins, respectively. Ravens are the eyes of Odin in Norse Mythology - using them for the drone-like viewing ability would be fitting to the theme of Valhalla.

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