Our PeeCee became Miss World in 2000 at just the age of 18, and that was just her beginning. She became even more well-known and successful in the next 20 years as an actress and singer. Priyanka Chopra is currently one of the most high-profile celebrities in India, and her popularity has reached globally. Even better, she has been involved in many philanthropic activities for UNICEF and even served as Goodwill Ambassador.

Priyanka took the time today to post an Instagram photo of her when she was just an 18-year-old beauty pageant queen! In the photo, she wears a lovely white gown, her crown, and the sash that says "[Miss] World" on it. Speaking of her past, PeeCee reiterates that she feels just as enthusiastic and confident as she was 20 years ago.

priyanka chopra miss world instagram
Instagram photo of Priyanka Chopra for Valentine

Here's what it says: "#TBT Miss World at 18! The turn of the millennium...the year 2000! Wow. It feels like just yesterday I was living this dream. Now, almost 20 years later, my enthusiasm for changing the status quo remains as strong and is at the core of everything I do. I truly believe girls have the power to bring about change if they get the opportunities they deserve. #strivehigher #dreambig".

It is an empowering and positive message for many young women out there!

Priyanka Chopra's pictures

Below, we at GuruGamer decided to post the Instagram photo, as well as other gorgeous ones showcasing the young miss Chopra as Miss World 2000:

miss world priyanka photos
Miss World 2000 collage
miss world priyanka photos
The moment of crowning
miss world priyanka photos
Great profile photo!
miss world priyanka photos
PeeCee and other pageant contestants
priyanka chopra miss india
Before she wins the contest
miss world priyanka photos
Now I know why she doesn't feel like time has passed!
priyanka chopra transformation
Her style has changed a lot!
priyanka chopra transformation
Many changes, still one beauty

Recently, Priyanka Chopra also shared some lovely throwback photos of her at the Oscars for this year's prestigious film contest. Check out our post about it here.

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