Like any other cinematic industry in the world, Bollywood has witnessed many movies banned on wide screens due to their obscene languages, lascivious scenes, or issues regarding religion or discrimination. Which banned movie of Bollywood have you ever watched to date? Today, will provide you a banned movie of Bollywood list you may not know! Check it out!

1. Unfreedom (2014)

The first name on the list of Bollywood movies banned in India is a 2014 drama movie Unfreedom with the cast including Adil Hussain, Victor Banerjee, and Preeti Gupta. There are two major factors leading to this movie’s ban across India: lesbian love and Islamic terrorism. Violence and torture scenes in Unfreedom make it unacceptable in this country.

2. Dazed In Doon (2010)

The coming-of-age movie revolves around a boy and his life at The Doon School. It has been under controversy when it is supposed to spoil the heritage of the Doon School, one of the finest schools in India. That’s why the School authorities prevented filmmakers from distributing Dazed In Doon to the audience.

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3. Inshallah, Football (2010)

During an 80-minute running time, Inshallah, Football mentions a Kashmiri boy who desires to travel abroad and pursues his dream to be a footballer in the future. However, his dream is ruined just because his father is a militant. Although its sensitive subject leads to this movie’s ban in the country, Inshallah, Football is still one of the must-watch banned movie Bollywood movies.

4. Gandu (2010)

It’s not hard to comprehend why Gandu was banned across India. There is seemingly nothing to expect in this movie, except for nudity and sex scenes. The movie cast includes Joyraj, Anubrata Basu, Kamalika Banerjee, Rii Sen, and Silajit Majumder. Gandu even deserves to be banned in many foreign countries.


5. Firaaq (2008)

Speaking of a banned movie of Bollywood, don't miss Firaaq. Although Firaaq won many awards including the National Film Awards and the Asian Festival Of First Films (and more), this political thriller movie still got a ban in Gujarat because it refers to riots in this state. Its director Nandita Das came under fire for allegedly ignoring the feelings of Muslims and Hindus. Firaaq revolves around the changes in the lives of common people after the 2002 Gujarat violence.

6. Water (2005)

Water depicts the dark side in the widow’s life in India; however, issues regarding misogyny and ostracism are the major reasons behind its ban. Right after its release, this movie came under fire and even was attacked by thousands of fanatics and protesters.


7. Sins (2005)

Vinod Pande’s 2005 movie revolves around a forbidden love between a Kerala priest and a young woman. There are a lot of sex scenes in Sins and the Catholics obviously felt unhappy about this movie. It is said that Sins gets inspired by a news story the director read about a priest who was accused of murder charges and sexual harassment.

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8. Parzania (2005)

The year 2005 witnesses at least three Bollywood movies that were banned across the country, and Parzania is no doubt a banned movie in Bollywood, despite its appreciation and awards. Parzania mentions the 2002 Gujarat riots (that leads to its ban) and revolves around a Pithawala family on their way to seek their missing son.


9. Black Friday (2004)

Based on Black Friday: The True Story of the Bombay Bomb Blasts, the 2004 crime movie stars Kay Kay Menon, Aditya Srivastava, Imtiaz Ali, and Pavan Malhotra. This movie was supposed to offer too many dark aspects, especially in the concept of India at that time. The good news is, after its delays many times, Black Friday received a Golden Leopard nomination and won the Grand Jury Prize at the Indian Film Festival Of Los Angeles.

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10. Paanch (2003)

There are too many reasons behind the ban of Paanch: bad language, drug abuse, and violence scenes. Directed by Anurag Kashyap, the crime thriller movie stars Kay Kay Menon, Vijay Maurya, Aditya Srivastava, Tejaswini Kolhapure, and Joy Fernandes. It is obvious that the Central Board of Film Certification will never allow Paanch to release on wide screens.

11. The Pink Mirror (2003)

The Pink Mirror is supposed to be the first Indian movie to mention such a sensitive topic as transsexuals in this country. Apart from two transsexuals, The Pink Mirror also tells about the journey of a gay teenager to seduce a straight man. Although it is banned in India, this movie, in fact, hit screens in many festivals across the world and receives multiple awards.

Above are 11 movies on the banned movie of Bollywood list that you shouldn’t miss. Some are banned due to their bad language or touchy subject while others got a ban because of their political issues. Which movie on this list have you ever watched? Tell us in the comment box below!

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