After the success of Resident Evil and The Witcher, there have been rumors about a Netflix film or series based on a game titled The Legend of Zelda. The mysterious, stunning, dreamy world in The Legend of Zelda will likely be brought to the screen.

the legend of zelda
A movie/series based on The Legend of Zelda will be made

Recently, rumors have resurfaced about Netflix preparing for the first steps to soon start producing The Legend of Zelda movie. It’s also rumored that Netflix is looking for an actor to play the main character, Link, who will explore and rescue The Legend of Zelda. The most potential option for this character is currently Tom Holland, who played Spider-Man in recent products like Far From Home and Homecoming.

Playing Spiderman in recent Marvel movies, Tom Holland has built a reputation for himself in the cinematic world. Though it remains unknown if Tom Holland is in talks with Netflix or whether Netflix has chosen him for this product, the actor recently worked with Netflix in his newest film, The Devil All the Time. As Tom Holland has officially become a part of Netflix, it’s not too hard to speculate that he will likely play Link and hold the Master Sword.

Tom Holland, widely known as Spider-Man
Tom Holland, widely known as Spider-Man

Besides, according to Nintendo, there will be a Super Mario movie in 2022 with more media projects. So, it’s possible that we will see more rumors about The Legend of Zelda next year, many of which we hope will turn out true. In the past, Nintendo didn’t succeed in making their games into movies and series, such as the terrible Super Mario Bors movie released in 1993. After all, it’s not easy at all to bring a well-loved game to the screen.

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