Looks like the future is finally here – we are going to have a Space movie filmed in outer space as part of a partnership between Elon Musk’s SpaceX, NASA, the International Space Station, and Tom Cruise. Just one day after the announcement from Elon Musk, NASA’s Administrator Jim Bridenstine revealed the cooperation to the public on his official Twitter account.

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Oblivion is Tom Cruise's best space-themed movie to date

The project will be a normal action-adventure film, however, it would not be another sequel of the Mission: Impossible series. While fans are speculating about this being Fast and Furious 10, with car racing in space, the movie would probably not be something as outrageous as that.

The confirmation tweet from NASA

It is not sure how they would accomplish this feat, as filming, even on the ground, is a complicated process that requires a lot of people and training. Bringing just one person into orbit is already super expensive – moving a whole movie crew and equipment could cost hundreds of millions. Therefore, it is likely that this movie would be filmed on a hand camera by either Cruise himself or another person on the ISS. The training time for people to get into space would also be a factor as well.

The top of the Burj Khalifa Tower

Cruise has been going through a pretty crazy phase in the last couple of years – and this would probably be his most adventurous project yet: an actual “impossible” mission. Cruise’s Ethan Hunt has been doing some pretty incredible action sequences without a stunt double. From scaling one of the tallest buildings in the world, Burj Khalifa to clinging on the side of a cargo plane during takeoff – it is likely that he is actually using the movie sets as his personal play site. For a 58 years old man, the guy definitely has to be at peak strength in order to participate in stuff like that.

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The plane stunt

It is not sure if this project would take off - only time will tell. This would have to happen during the next few years, as Cruise is getting older and older - the guy might not be in a suitable condition for space travel by that time. Interested in more of our posts about Movies? Please check out this article for some of the best theories about Doctor Strange 2.