The protagonist is the most important character in a story-driven, single-player game as they are always in the spotlight. However, side characters shouldn't be underestimated in their ability to assist the main character in various ways. Some provide physical aid by giving health packs or ammunition during resource scarcity, or by boosting the protagonist's attack. Others offer emotional support and serve as a moral guide, offering pep talks and reminders to stay on the right track.

1. Donald & Goofy (Kingdom Hearts)

The AI controlling Donald and Goofy in Kingdom Hearts, particularly Donald, can be inconsistent, particularly during boss battles where Donald's magic is not particularly effective. Although his healing spells can be crucial, he doesn't always cast them at the optimal moments.

Kingdom Hearts Iii Opening Movie Trailer
Kingdom Hearts crew

Nevertheless, Donald and Goofy are indispensable allies who greatly support Sora throughout all Kingdom Hearts games. They remain loyal companions both in and out of combat, forming an inseparable team that is willing to go to any lengths for each other.

2. Ellie (The Last Of Us)

Do you remember the battle that Naughty Dog had to fight to feature Ellie on the cover art of the game? This issue persists in the gaming industry regarding the representation of women. However, in The Last of Us, Ellie plays a vital role. Following the tragic loss of Joel's daughter in the game's opening moments, Joel somehow manages to survive for years before encountering Ellie. She becomes the driving force of the narrative and the reason for Joel's determination to move forward.

Ellie The Last Of Us

Although Ellie's involvement may seem insignificant during many of the game's playable segments, her presence is of utmost importance, as her existence forms the central storyline. While she may not provide significant combat assistance, her ability to access areas inaccessible to Joel proves invaluable during their journey to find the Fireflies.

3. Yuna (Ghost Of Tsushima)

In Ghost of Tsushima, besides the main character Jin, Yuna holds immense significance and is often regarded as the true heart of the game by fans. Her character development throughout the story is exceptionally captivating, as she undergoes a transformation from a self-centered individual to a selfless one.

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The most notable illustration of this growth is seen in Yuna's deep bond with and dedication to helping the protagonist, Jin. She not only provides him with encouraging words whenever he requires them but also rescues Jin when the samurai fail to defend against the Mongols, saving his life.

4. Futaba Sakura (Persona 5 Royal)

After her awakening in the Fourth Palace, Futaba Sakura becomes the Navigator for the latter part of Persona 5 Royal. In Mementos, she is capable of mapping out floors, simplifying the navigation of the randomly-generated dungeons. However, her abilities extend beyond that.

Maxresdefault 1
Futaba Sakura

Within regular Palaces, Futaba possesses a diverse set of buffs that can benefit the entire party, such as enhancing their attack power and restoring their health. In the event of an ambush, Futaba has the potential to alter the situation in the player's favor, turning the tables and granting the player an ambush instead.

5. Clank (Ratchet And Clank)

Clank, Ratchet's loyal robotic companion, has always stood by the Lombax's side in their quest to vanquish evil across the galaxy. In Rift Apart, Clank constructs a device called the Dimensionator, which grants the ability to traverse other dimensions. Recognizing Ratchet's deep desire to find his fellow Lombaxes, Clank hopes that the Dimensionator will unlock the path to their discovery.

03 Clank

As is often the case in adventurous tales, good intentions often lead to a cascade of problems. Unfortunately, Doctor Nefarious steals Clank's Dimensionator, triggering widespread chaos in various dimensions. Together, Ratchet and Clank must strive to prevent Nefarious from obliterating everything. However, the purpose behind Clank's creation of the Dimensionator becomes evident when he encounters another Lombax named Rivet.

6. Sadie Adler (Red Dead Redemption 2)

While Sadie Adler may initially have limited significance in the beginning of Red Dead Redemption 2, she swiftly establishes her worth in the later chapters. In a remarkable ensemble of resilient and self-reliant characters, Sadie stands out as truly remarkable.

Sadieadler Reddeadredemption2
Sadie Adler

Sadie emerges as a fierce and indomitable companion, rescuing Arthur from numerous perilous situations throughout the game. Moreover, she is one of the few characters whom the protagonist places complete trust in, solidifying an immediate bond between Sadie and the players.

7. Clementine (The Walking Dead)

Throughout the first season of The Walking Dead, Lee takes on the responsibility of caring for and safeguarding young Clementine in the absence of her parents. While Clementine often requires protection and rescue, especially in the final episode of the season, there are also moments where she reciprocates by shielding Lee.

Clementine 1 1

Two notable instances of this occur in Episode Five. Depending on the player's choices, Clementine may shoot Lee's assailant to save his life. Later in the episode, believing it will ensure their safety, Clementine locks herself and Lee away from a passing horde of zombies after he loses consciousness.

8. Atreus (God Of War)

Known simply as "Boy" at times, Atreus is a valuable addition to God of War. As Kratos' son, he embodies the positive aspects of the Spartan warrior who has a history of killing gods, especially as Kratos endeavors to teach him values of goodness and respect.

God Of War Kratos And Atreus

While God of War primarily focuses on Kratos' path to redemption, Atreus also plays a significant role in the story. He grapples with the loss of his mother, embarks on his first adventure, and develops a deeper bond with his father. Although Atreus cannot be directly controlled in the game, he has specific buttons assigned to him during combat, indicating his active participation rather than being a passive companion.

9. Luigi (Super Mario Bros.)

Luigi, Mario's well-known brother, often doesn't receive the acknowledgment he deserves. Throughout the battles against Bowser and his minions, Luigi has consistently supported Mario. However, it was in his own game, Luigi's Mansion, that the green-clad plumber finally took the spotlight, showcasing his own version of ghost-catching adventures akin to the Ghostbusters.


Despite frequently being overlooked and deferring to Mario, Luigi remains an incredibly devoted sidekick. Recognizing Luigi's enduring presence, Nintendo designated the period from March 2013 to March 2014 as "The Year of Luigi" to commemorate the character's thirtieth anniversary.

10. Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite)

Initially, Elizabeth and Booker have conflicting perspectives in Bioshock Infinite, but they swiftly develop a strong connection. Although Elizabeth may initially come across as a conventional damsel-in-distress, she proves to be highly intelligent, clever, and capable of keeping herself safe.

Bioshockinfinite Elizabeth Book

Elizabeth's true brilliance manifests during combat. While she doesn't engage in direct physical combat alongside Booker, she provides valuable assistance by supplying the player with essential items like health packs and ammunition when their supplies dwindle. Additionally, she avoids getting directly involved in combat, eliminating the need for the player to rescue her and ensuring time is not wasted on her protection.

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