Lost Ark is pretty new to the MMO world, but it still managed to get players crazy in a short time as it combines a lot of different MMORPG components into a single pack. Whether you are a new Lost Ark or a veteran player, you still need a guide at some point to understand various systems of the game. This article features the ten best things that every Lost Ark player should know.

Save HP potions and utilize Healing potion

Don’t drink HP potions even when you are hurt, and use the healing potion as an alternative to regenerate the lost health. Health options can heal your health with time once you use them, while HP potions can instantly regenerate your health.

Lost Ark Heiltrank Tp Potion Guide

Save HP potions for later stages of the game, where you will face high-level bosses and need to regenerate health quickly. When you are on a raid and an enemy attack you to deal some unexpected damage, the only option left is to drink an HP potion as healing potions are banned in Raids. The best strategy is to use healing potions till level 50 and start using HP potions afterward.

Don’t worry if you have loads of healing potions in your inventory, as you can sell them to other players in the campaign to get some silver coins. Need Lost Ark gold? Securely buy lost ark gold from www.mmopixel.com to focus on other tasks instead of grinding for gold.

Strategically spend skill points

Like all the other MMORPGs, you get skill points whenever you level up your character, and you can spend them on upgrading your abilities. Lost Ark takes a different approach to allocating skill points as you always have the option to redistribute skill points whenever you want instead of saving them until you decide on a build.

Redistribution of skills is free, and you can press the minus button from the skill menu to remove points from the desired skill. The tripod option unlocks when you reach levels 4, 20, and 48 of each skill. Each skill offers a different ability and pro player advice that you should redistribute based on your current assignment for better results.

Featured Lost Ark How To Get More Skill Points

You will use the G key a lot

Lost Ark features quest giver dialogues to keep things realistic, but it can be a curse for most players as they have to press the G key to skip each line instead of the complete dialogue. You will be facing this issue until you reach level 50 and don’t need to do any more quests, which is a long journey. There is no option to remap the G key, so good luck with pressing it indefinitely.

Start with Dungeons on Normal difficulty

At the start of the game, experience points should be your first concern, and you won’t have any extra experience points for doing dungeons on hard difficulty. The loot rewards are better for high-difficulty dungeons, but they are not worth the effort as you can do later. This way, level up faster and don’t worry about loot as you can get it through many other ways.

Fast-travel from Map

Unlock TriPort’s on the map in return for a few silver coins to fast travel between locations. One other way of unlocking TriPort’s is by using crystalline aura active, and you don’t have to pay any silver coins with this method.

Pets are useful

Don’t misunderstand pets based on their cuteness and appearance, as they can do a lot for you. For starters, pets can pick up loot while you focus on other important tasks. Specific pets also give you combat bonuses to help you win the battle against dark-world bosses.


If you have crystalline aura active in your inventory, you can access various town places such as storage, repair shop, and market even if you are away from the town. You can complete the Learning About Pets quest in Prideholme to get your first pet for free. Hide your and everyone else’s pet or keep your pet visible and hide pets of all other players.

Different Musical instruments for each class

Each class features a musical instrument that you need to play to fast travel on the map and get out of dungeons. As you progress through the game, new songs will keep unlocking, and you can use these songs to impress NPCs. The most common musical instruments in lost Ark are flutes, guitars, lutes, pan flutes, and horns.

Changing skin costs money

You may think Lost Ark will go easy on you and won’t charge you for changing skins, just like skills. But there is bad news: you need Appearance Customization Ticket, which will cost you around 800 crystals in the Lost Ark store.

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Rested XP

After reaching level, you will unlock the Rested XP, which builds up even if you are logged off from the game, and you can avail it back when you come back. This buff works for all the characters meaning that every character will get the same XP bonus as others even if you don’t use them as your main character.

Save chests for Endgame

Treasure chests have different values in Lost Ark, and you need to save rare chests that reward selected items; you should save these chests until you reach player level 50. You can open all chests, which give you random items to clear up some space in your inventory.

A Strange Map Lost Ark Treasure Map Location And S

Battle items are the most valuable items you can get from chests, and open these chests at the end of the game for better results. The biggest advantage of opening these chests at the end is that you can sell all the items you don’t need in the auction house to get in-game currency.

Conclusion These are ten things you should know before playing Lost Ark to get the most out of the game without wasting your time. This is the start of your journey in the Lost Ark world, and many challenges are yet to come, so prepare for them accordingly.

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