Zombies, a popular game mode in Call of Duty, started as a fun addition with an uncertain future. However, it gained immense popularity when it was introduced in Call of Duty: World at War, captivating fans with endless rounds of thrilling and gruesome gameplay.

Since the release of the first Call of Duty Zombies game 14 years ago, players have been drawn to the challenge of surviving endless rounds against hordes of undead zombies. Developed by Treyarch, this mode has been included in many, though not all, Call of Duty titles, featuring great characters, weapons, maps, and enemies.

10. Vanguard

Call of Duty: Vanguard, released in 2021, brought back the Zombies game mode but on a smaller scale. Until June 2022, the mode lacked the beloved round-based gameplay and only recently received a new map with a remake of Shi No Numa. Unfortunately, Vanguard's Zombies content is lacking, and the gameplay itself is somewhat mediocre, disappointing many fans of the franchise's Zombies.

Vanguard Zombies Poster

9. Black Ops 4

Following the climactic events of Black Ops 3's Zombies, fans were excited to see the game mode return in Black Ops 4. However, both stories, which existed in separate but equally convoluted timelines, lacked a compelling intrigue and offered somewhat stale gameplay. Despite attempting to change up the Zombies formula, Black Ops 4 fell short for many players, with pale remakes of previous maps and a sacrifice of intricate designs for larger areas.

Black Ops 4 Chaos Zombies Crew
Black Ops 4

One controversial experience in Black Ops 4 was Gauntlet, a round-based game mode with added challenges. Players had to complete challenges for each round, earning a strike for failure. Accumulating three strikes resulted in a game over. While some challenges were easy and others difficult, Zombies veterans found Gauntlet to provide a more challenging experience worth exploring.

8. World War 2

Returning to its roots and exploring the horrors of the past, Call of Duty: World War 2 aimed to bring back the elements that made the first iteration of COD Zombies successful. With grotesque and horrifying zombie designs and a star-studded cast of actors, World War 2 successfully created a visually captivating experience. However, the maps fell somewhat short, and the gameplay offered too many advantages, making the game easier compared to others.

Horror Zombie From Ww2 Zombies
World War 2

7. Infinite Warfare

Infinite Warfare, developed by Infinity Ward, took a different approach to Zombies, embracing a fun and campy style while abandoning the horror aspects. The maps featured various celebrity cameos and different genres, offering players unique and entertaining experiences. Infinity Ward seemed to have a lot of fun developing their version of the Zombie mode.

Infinite Warfare Spaceland Zombies
Infinite Warfare

6. Advanced Warfare

With Sledgehammer Games at the helm, Advanced Warfare focused on movement and introduced exo-skeletons for enhanced mobility. The game featured a talented cast and provided enjoyable gameplay with a good variety of maps. However, it didn't quite capture the essence of a Treyarch title.

Advanced Warfare Zombies Crew
Advanced Warfare

5. Black Ops 2

Recognizing the loyal fan base of Zombies, Activision invested more time and resources into the game mode for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. This entry introduced the Multiplayer engine to Zombies, along with new stat-tracking, improved leaderboards, and skill-based matchmaking. Black Ops 2 offered interesting maps, engaging Easter eggs, and unique game modes within Zombies itself.

Zombies And The Bus From Tranzit
Black Ops 2

Grief, a new addition in Black Ops 2, allowed players to engage in 4v4 Last Man Standing matches, where the objective was to survive against both zombies and the opposing team. Turned, another exclusive mode, enabled players to become zombies and hunt down the lone human survivor. These modes provided fun and exciting experiences, especially when playing with friends.

4. World at War

Call of Duty: World at War marked the birth of Zombies as we know it today. The game did an excellent job of establishing and expanding the Zombies game mode, introducing features like the round system, mystery box, and perks that have become staples of the franchise. World at War remains a classic Zombies experience.

World At War Natch Der Untoten Zombies
World at War

3. Black Ops

Following the success of Zombies, fans eagerly anticipated Treyarch's next title, Call of Duty: Black Ops. The developers delivered with two outstanding maps, offering thrilling battles against new foes and even allowing players to assume the roles of historical figures like Nixon and JFK. The gameplay was smoother compared to the original entry, and the game featured great maps, perks, weapons, and other exciting features.

Kino Der Toten Zombies
Black Ops

Dead Ops Arcade, a hidden game mode in Black Ops, provided a unique top-down arcade shooter experience with zombies and other enemies. It added a different style of play to the title, allowing players to enjoy frenetic mayhem and compete for high scores.

2. Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War introduced several unique features to the Zombies experience. Players could choose their operative, including iconic characters like Rambo and Frank Woods, thanks to collaborations. Abundant perks, a new tier system for weapons and upgrades, and powerful guns made mowing down zombies more enjoyable than ever before. The game's larger maps and hordes, made possible by next-gen console capabilities, added to the excitement. Black Ops Cold War offered an accessible game mode that appealed to both new and veteran players.

Cold War Zombies
Black Ops Cold War

Onslaught, a cooperative zombies mode in Black Ops Cold War, allowed two players to survive against zombies and other enemies on Multiplayer maps. While limited to two players, the thrill of battling hordes of undead within familiar Multiplayer settings provided an enjoyable experience.

1. Black Ops 3

While opinions may vary, many consider Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 to be the best Zombies experience for several reasons. The game featured a wide array of exciting new maps, ranging from the streets of Morg City with Jeff Goldblum and Ron Perlman to the ongoing Zombies storyline with the Primis Crew. The Zombies Chronicles DLC also brought back fan-favorite maps remade for Black Ops 3.

Shadows Of Evil Zombies
Black Ops 3

Black Ops 3 provided the definitive way to play certain maps, offering a vast selection of weapons and wonder weapons. The game introduced numerous perks, and the gameplay was exhilarating, with players able to run, jump, slide, and face challenging minibosses and zombies. Each Easter egg quest included a defining boss battle that expanded the Zombie mode's story.

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