Minecraft is an incredible game filled with adventure. There are a lot of things players can do in Minecraft... and sometimes people just get lost in exploration and is unable to find their way back to base. Alternatively, players can die, get teleported back to base, and have no idea where their dropped items are.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to solve this problem by listing out the 10 best tips and tricks to never get lost in Minecraft 1.19.

1. Mark your path as you go

This is the easiest thing to do to avoid getting lost, albeit costing a bit of time and resources. Players can place an item on their patch once in a while - it can be anything from torches to blocks. The key here is that they need to use uncommon items that are unlikely to be found on the ground, in order to avoid mixing them up with naturally spawned blocks.

Minecraft Torches

Torches are the most common things that players use, as they can be crafted fairly easily with coal and sticks. Try to place the markers on the right hand side so that you can even navigate a maze. When you need to get back to your original location, just go with those markers on your left side.

2. Build tall structures

The first method is effective, but it costs a lot of resources and forces you to interact with the environment all the time. You can still get lost if you forget to place a marker item. Building tall structures, on the other hand, only require a bit of effort early on. Players can build something tall and big so that they can use it as a reference while exploring the surrounding areas.


The weakness of this method is that it is useless if you are going on a long expedition - it only works if you can see the structure. It can be anything, from a small dirt outpost to a 50 block high stone pillar.

3. Remember landmarks

Minecraft worlds are full of natural landmarks such as hills, mountains and biome borders. This can be a solid option for navigation if your sense of direction is good. It is a good idea to build your house at the base, or the top of a tall mountain. This way you would always know how to get back to it as long as the mountain is in sight.

Mountain Grove

This is similar to the 2nd method but you don't even need to build anything.

4. Pay attention to the sun and moon

Minecraft's daylight cycle is identical to the real world. The sun rises from the east to the west, then is replaced by the moon at night. Players can use them as a reference point to figure out where their base is. Just take a look at how the sun and moon move around your base when building it.

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While this method does not require any resources, it needs a lot of practice and knowledge about your base's general location.

5. Use a compass

Players can navigate around using a compass, as it always points to the spawn point of the map. This is the most straightforward way of navigation, however, there are a few caveats. For starters, players will need to build the base around the spawn point of the map, unless they have a lodestone to turn the compass towards it. This can be tricky as lodestones can only be found in the nether.

Lodestone Compass Compared To Normal Compass 2

Furthermore, compasses can't help you if there is no straightforward way to a direction - like when you are lost in an underground cave for example.

6. Create a map

A map is an item used to view explored terrain and mark landmarks. It requires a bit of investment to do this, as you need a new piece of map for every new invisible square in the world. You might want to craft the map with a compass so you could mark multiple locations, including your house.

Minecraft Buried Treasure Map Seed Java Edition

Additionally, to record the world on a map, that specific map must be held in the player's hands while the player moves around the world. The world is recorded as-is during exploration, meaning that if the world is modified, a player must revisit the area while holding the map to update the map's view.

7. Check your coordinates

First, write down the coordinates of your base. Afterward, when you are moving around and get lost, check your coordinate with F3. The X-axis measures east and west, and the Y-axis measures high and low, and the Z-axis measures south and north coordinates. Just use the location data to get back to your base's coordinate - try to make the numbers as close to your base's number as possible.

Death Coordinates 3

8. Set your respawn point

It is important that you set your respawn point at home so that you can get back to your base at any time by suicide. To do so, just sleep in a bed on your base before setting out. As long as you have not used any beds since then, you will come back to your base. To prevent losing everything when you die, just store all your items inside an ender chest before suicide. This allows players to get their items back from their ender chest at base, as all ender chests are connected.

Cat Lying On The Bed

9. Download navigation mods

Players can certainly implement a special navigation mod into Minecraft so that they can get around easier. There are a lot of mods for this, and amongst them, Rei's Minimap is probably the best. It displays a permanent minimap on your screen with your coordinates below it. It is possible to set waypoints and color code them for easier navigation.

Minecraft Reis Minimap Mod

This mod changes the Minecraft experience a lot so you might want to consider using other methods before installing it.

10. Use a recovery compass

A recovery compass is an item used to point to the location of the player's last death. The recovery compass will only work when it is held by a player who has previously died, and is in the same dimension where the player had died. Otherwise, it will spin around randomly.

Minecraft Recovery Compass Recipe 1024x576

This allows players to find their dropped items much more easily. However, they need to explore the Deep Dark for the materials, which can be tricky.

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