In GTA 5, players have abundant chances to accumulate as much in-game money as possible. Resourceful players are always on the lookout for additional opportunities to increase their wealth. While completing story missions and progressing in the game ensures enough funds for necessities and indulgent expenses, the vast array of properties and vehicles available for purchase requires a much larger sum.

To assist gamers in earning extra cash in GTA 5, this article presents valuable tips for money-making that players should be aware of. These methods are most effective when applied in the game's offline or story mode, allowing players to easily acquire the additional funds they need.

1. Lester's Assassination Mission

This method is unquestionably the most effective way to generate a substantial amount of money in GTA 5 without requiring extensive effort, apart from completing additional missions and making strategic investments in the game's Stock Market. These specific assassination missions are assigned by Lester to Franklin and typically involve the elimination of high-ranking executives from prominent corporations within the game. The assassination of these targets has a direct impact on the in-game Stock Market, presenting players with an opportunity to earn easy money.

Lester Gta 5
Lester's Assassination Mission

To fully exploit the potential of these missions, players should invest in appropriate stocks and subsequently sell them to yield profits ranging from 50% to 80%. To maximize their gains from these missions, it is advisable for players to first complete the final heist of the game known as "The Big Score."

2. Buy Stocks

This method is arguably the simplest way to earn money, although it does require an initial sum of money for investment.

Investing in Stocks
Investing in Stocks

To begin, save the game and disable the autosave feature. Invest all of your available funds into a stock that you believe will experience an increase in value. Then, head to your safehouse and wait approximately 45 seconds before checking the profit in your investment portfolio. Sell the stocks when they reach their peak value. The more money you invest, the higher your potential returns. In case the stock performs poorly, you can simply load the previously saved game.

Utilize Franklin's Assassination missions to manipulate stock prices and maximize your profits. Prior to completing the construction assassination mission, purchase Gold Coast stocks to gain twice the profit. Similarly, buy AirEmu stocks before undertaking the Legal Trouble mission, sell them after completing the mission, and then invest in FlyUS stocks.

3. Armored Car Exploit

If you can successfully seize an armored car without resorting to violence, you have the potential to establish a continuous cycle of cash. Evade the pursuing police and safely bring the armored car to your garage. Save your game, then remove the doors to access and collect the money inside. Leave the car in the garage, and upon returning later, you will find it fully repaired and restocked with cash once again. This allows you to repeatedly obtain money from the same armored car, creating an ongoing source of funds.

Armored Car Exploit
Armored Car Exploit

4. ATM Robberies

People who just visited ATMs should have money in their pockets. You can just camp around ATMs waiting for people to withdraw money then rob them with either fists or weapons. Vacate the area before the cops arrive.

5. Street Races

To earn money in GTA 5, take advantage of Franklin's street racing ability. Acquire a high-performance sports car like the Coil Voltic and ensure it is in optimal condition. Customize the vehicle extensively to enhance its performance. During races, leverage Franklin's unique skills to navigate sharp turns or maneuver through traffic, giving you an advantage over opponents and increasing your chances of winning.

Street Races
Street Races

If you lack sufficient funds to customize your car, you can utilize another character who has money to cover the expenses.

6. Robbing Stores

Corner markets and convenience stores present easy opportunities to quickly obtain cash. Enter the store while wielding a weapon and aim it at the cashier, firing shots around them to intimidate and prompt them to work faster. Grab the cash and make a swift escape before the arrival of law enforcement.

Robbing Stores
Robbing Stores

For a more efficient getaway, it is advisable to park a vehicle nearby, allowing for a speedy departure. It is recommended to rotate between a few different stores to maximize your earnings. However, exercise caution when targeting the same store repeatedly, as the owner may retaliate with a firearm.

Some stores are equipped with two cash registers instead of one. After emptying the first register, you can shoot the second one to collect additional money. This strategy can also be applied to gun and clothing stores, where firing at the register will cause the money to drop.

Robbing multiple stores in a short period of time would increase your wanted level fast... so you might want to plan your escape before doing it.

7. Rob Armored Trucks

This is probably one of the easiest jobs at the beginning of the game. These trucks usually appear at random on the minimap while you are driving around - just hit them and take out the driver then blow the back doors open with guns of explosives. Collect the money then escape.

8. Upgrade guns for free

Another method to earn money in GTA 5 involves completing all Gun Range challenges, which grants a 15% discount. If players are able to achieve a Gold rating in all challenges, the discount increases to 25%.

To fully repair vehicles, players can save the game and then reload, causing the vehicles to respawn in a pristine condition.

To obtain free upgrades at Ammu-nation, players can purchase the upgrades during a mission, intentionally fail the mission by killing themselves, and then choose to "retry." This allows players to get a refund for their money, while the upgrades remain marked as "paid."

9. Complete random encounters

Random Encounters, as the name implies, occur spontaneously and offer players a decent amount of money. In GTA 5's story mode, there are numerous such events waiting to unfold. However, one of the most lucrative Random Encounters takes place when players are exploring Franklin's residence, assuming the role of the protagonist.

During this encounter, players will come across a young child who has had his bicycle stolen. By returning the bike to him, players can earn Animal Ark stocks valued at $100,000.

For players who have not yet completed The Jewel Store Job, this is one of the easiest ways to make money in GTA 5 as Franklin or Michael.

10. Complete heists

It is crucial to prioritize the timely completion of heists in GTA 5. Each heist provides a substantial sum of money, which can be used for significant investments in the stock market. It is highly recommended to consistently hire the most skilled crew members for these heists, despite their higher cost. This is because their expertise significantly reduces the likelihood of their death during the heist, ultimately saving you money in the long run.

Complete heists
Complete heists

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