Customizing cars is a highly sought-after feature in GTA 5 gameplay. Despite Rockstar Games offering more than 250 vehicles in Grand Theft Auto 5 Story Mode, players constantly seek new rides to enrich their gaming experience. Apart from GTA Online catering to this demand, the modding community is exceptionally vibrant and has crafted numerous vehicle mods suitable for all types of players.

These mods are adored by the community for the fresh and distinctive encounters they bring to the game, even after a decade since its release. This article presents a selection of the finest car mods that every Grand Theft Auto 5 player should consider trying in 2023.

1. Gta5KoRn Car Pack (48 cars)

Named aptly, this modification pack introduces 48 distinct cars into the world of Grand Theft Auto 5. With the mod menu, players gain the ability to summon any vehicle they desire, regardless of their location within the game. These added cars exhibit remarkable attention to detail and seamlessly blend with the existing aesthetics of the game.

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Gta5KoRn Car Pack (48 cars)

Among the vehicles featured in this mod pack are the 2015 Mercedes-AMG CLS 63 S, 2019 Bugatti Chiron Sport, 2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast, Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4, and numerous others. An intriguing feature of the mod allows players to summon a different car while already driving one, instantly transitioning them to the newly spawned vehicle.

2. IVPack - GTA IV vehicles in GTA V

Loved by fans of the series, GTA 4 is renowned for its iconic rendition of Liberty City, a fictionalized version of New York. However, as GTA 4 and its sequel take place in distinct cities, the lineup of vehicles in each game differs. Consequently, certain vehicles from GTA 4 are absent in GTA 5.

Various vehicles from GTA 4
Various vehicles from GTA 4 are added to this mod.

Thankfully, the IVPack comes to the rescue by seamlessly integrating all the GTA IV vehicles into the latest installment of Grand Theft Auto. Not only have the interiors received significant improvements, but the exteriors now boast graphics that align with the current generation. This mod is a must-have for dedicated fans of the series.

3. Gear Shifting Animation

By default, all cars in Grand Theft Auto 5 feature automatic transmissions, which disappoints many car enthusiasts. While Rockstar Games is renowned for its meticulous attention to detail, it overlooked the realistic representation of car transmissions. However, modder Burkiolmi has tackled this issue by creating a mod that introduces a sense of realism to the driving experience in GTA 5.

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Gear Shifting Animation

The mod incorporates a manual gear-shifting animation that is particularly immersive when viewed from the first-person camera mode. Your character's hand movements correspond to the vehicle's status, accompanied by satisfying shifting sound effects. To further enhance the experience, the modder also included a small gear indicator in the bottom right corner of the screen.

4. Vanillaworks Extended Pack

Among the mods listed, the Vanilla Works mod stands out as a unique addition. Unlike other mods that introduce new vehicles to GTA 5, this mod focuses on enhancing and refining the existing vanilla vehicles. Moreover, it expands the vehicle roster by introducing numerous new cars, all crafted by the same fictional companies featured in GTA V.

Vanillaworks Extended Pack
Vanillaworks Extended Pack changes how all vehicles in the game look.

The newly added vehicles seamlessly blend with the established lore and style of the series, ensuring they remain consistent and cohesive. Their design and appearance align harmoniously with the game's aesthetics, making them feel like a natural part of the GTA 5 experience.

5. Realistic Driving V

One of the most frequently voiced criticisms regarding the game's cars is that Rockstar Games opted for an arcade-style driving mechanism. While this decision ensures ease of driving for all players, it leaves car enthusiasts feeling highly disappointed. Fortunately, modder Killatomate has addressed this concern with a GTA 5 mod that alters the driving physics within the game.

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Realistic Driving V

This mod is compatible with both the original in-game vehicles and additional modded vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and more. The driving experience undergoes a noticeable transformation, requiring more effort and skill to maneuver the vehicles. The modder assures that the patch also extends support to cars featured in various DLCs such as Lowrider, Valentine, Import/Export, and others.

6. Better Deformation + More Durable Cars

The vehicle deformation system in Grand Theft Auto 5 is considered a downgrade compared to its predecessor, with limited predefined damage details. To address this limitation, modder Corinarh developed a GTA 5 car mod that significantly enhances the damage system, providing more realistic damage effects for all vehicles.

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Better Deformation + More Durable Cars

With this mod installed, the cars in the game will exhibit appropriate damage based on the specific external impacts they receive. Additionally, stronger vehicles such as trucks and tanks will become more resilient, no longer sustaining damage from regular collisions. The mod meticulously simulates vehicle destruction from every angle, allowing players to break fenders, bumpers, hoods, and other detachable parts during gameplay.

7. Batman Vehicles Add-On Pack

Bringing the impressively designed vehicles from Batman's world into GTA 5 is an exciting concept. The Batman Vehicles Add-On Pack introduces a collection of nine vehicles from the Batman comic and movie series, including iconic ones like the Tumbler, Batmobile 2016, Batmobile Asylum, and even the Batwing. Interestingly, the Batwing is a modified version of the fighter jet already present in GTA 5.

All the batman vehicles
All the batman vehicles from various famous series.

By incorporating this vehicle mod alongside a Batman appearance mod, players can readily engage in roleplaying as the Dark Knight within the GTA universe. Witnessing Batman wielding guns and engaging in unconventional actions like taking down foes can certainly generate amusing and unexpected moments.

8. Realistic Top Speed and Acceleration (All Vehicles)

The arcade-style driving mechanics in Grand Theft Auto 5 also affect the top speed and acceleration of the vehicles, resulting in a perception of slower speeds. To address this issue, modder brunodrl94 has developed a patch that reinstates realistic top speeds and acceleration performance for the vehicles in the game.

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Realistic Top Speed and Acceleration (All Vehicles)

By applying this mod, supercars can reach speeds of up to 200 mph, normal cars achieve speeds of 120 mph, and other decent cars perform in accordance with their real-life counterparts. This restoration of accurate performance attributes to driving in the 2013 title adds to the enjoyment, allowing players to swiftly traverse between locations with ease.

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