The top cars for the Tuners class in GTA Online aren't always the fastest. While speed is usually advantageous, there are other performance factors to consider. For instance, handling plays a crucial role in races with sharp turns. Acceleration is also important as you may need to slow down to avoid crashes and save time in the long term.

The information below will aid you in winning an average Street Race created by Rockstar. It's worth noting that these recommended cars excel specifically in Tuner-focused street races. Although these vehicles belong to different classes, their performance in those classes may not be as impressive.

1. Sultan RS Classic

According to Broughy1322's data, the Sultan RS Classic achieves the best overall lap time among Tuner cars, setting a record of 1:03.397. It also has a respectable top speed of 117.5 mph, making it suitable for street races that emphasize straight-line driving.

Sultanclassic Gtao Front
Sultan RS Classic

The Sultan RS Classic is a highly recommended choice for GTA Online players. It offers excellent performance without being overly expensive compared to other options. Players familiar with the other Sultan vehicles will find the Sultan RS Classic to be a familiar and comfortable choice.

2. Calico GTF

For GTA Online players seeking a versatile Tuner car suitable for various race types, the Calico GTF emerges as a strong contender. The main drawback is its price, as it is the most expensive option, initially costing $1,995,000, but its Trade Price is $1,496,250. However, considering its exceptional performance, the cost is reasonable.

Calicogtf Gtao Front
Calico GTF

The Calico GTF excels in acceleration, boasts a high top speed, and offers reliable handling, crucial attributes for success in street races. It may require some adjustment in braking during sharp turns, but overall, it performs admirably. Although new players may find it challenging, experienced drivers will appreciate its excellence within its class.

3. Vectre

Despite its comparatively low top speed among other Tuners in GTA Online, the Vectre makes up for this limitation with exceptional acceleration. Additionally, it is the heaviest car in its class, providing a safer driving experience and reducing the risk of being pushed around by other vehicles with similar top speeds.

Vectre Gtao Front

The only scenario where the Vectre may not perform well is in races that consist primarily of straight roads, where its unremarkable top speed would be highlighted. However, in any other race setting, a skilled player can confidently secure victory using this vehicle.

4. Jester RR

The Jester RR stands as the swiftest Tuner car in GTA Online, showcasing an impressive top speed of 125 mph. This makes it an excellent choice for street races that feature fewer corners. However, its remarkable top speed also makes it susceptible to the common issue of oversteering in this vehicle class. It's worth noting that the Jester RR is a rear-wheel drive (RWD), which may pose a challenge for some players to handle.

Dinka Jester Rr
Jester RR

Apart from these considerations, the Jester RR proves to be an exceptional vehicle for racers who possess track knowledge and are adept at utilizing techniques like curb boosting and other intermediate to advanced methods to their advantage.

5. Growler

Nonetheless, players in GTA Online who acquire this vehicle will discover that it ranks among the swiftest Tuners currently available in the game. Despite being overlooked in favor of the previous four Tuners on the list, the Growler proves to be an underrated choice for street races. It holds a position in the top four for its class in terms of both recorded top speed and lap time.

Growler Gtao Front

Skilled players in GTA Online can certainly harness the potential of the Growler, especially when compared to other options not mentioned in this guide.

6. Dominator ASP

The design of this vehicle draws heavily from the 2000 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R and serves as an earlier version of the Vapid Dominator. It boasts impressive acceleration and top speed, comparable to certain cars in the Sports class. However, the standout feature of the Dominator ASP lies in its exceptional grip, distinguishing it from other muscle cars by maintaining traction during high-speed cornering.

On the downside, its braking performance is somewhat subpar. It requires a greater distance to bring the vehicle to a stop in a straight line, and there is a possibility of the brakes locking up at times.

Dominatorasp Gtao Front
Dominator ASP

7. Remus

For JDM enthusiasts, the Remus stands out as the ultimate Tuner car, taking heavy inspiration from the 1988-1994 Nissan Silvia (S13) coupe. In terms of performance, the Remus delivers a commendable top speed and decent acceleration, along with exceptionally stable handling. Its grip on the road is outstanding, enabling smooth navigation through turns. This absence of oversteer or understeer positions it as one of the top contenders for Street Races.

Moreover, the Remus exhibits impressive off-road capabilities. Its suspension effectively absorbs the impact of uneven terrain and bumps on the road, ensuring a comfortable and smooth ride.

Remus Gtao Front

8. Annis Euros

The Annis Euros falls on the heavier side, resulting in a relatively slower acceleration compared to certain vehicles in its class. However, it compensates for this with a commendable top speed. Notably, the car features stunning liveries that closely resemble those seen in the movie "Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift."

Gta Mag Annis Euros Gtao 628150
Annis Euros

Among the vehicles introduced in the update, the Annis Euros stands out as a modern-looking option that players can eagerly acquire.

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