GTA Online offers a wide range of vehicles, with Rockstar Games regularly introducing new ones every six months. Presently, there are approximately 800 vehicles available for players to purchase and drive. However, not all of them are worthwhile investments. Unfortunately, there is no reliable method to assess a vehicle's value before buying it, leading to many players squandering their money on unfavorable choices.

Furthermore, the resale value of vehicles in GTA Online is generally low, making it an unwise investment. To assist players, this article provides a list of 10 vehicles that should be avoided when purchasing in the multiplayer version of Grand Theft Auto 5 this year.

1. Blimp

In GTA Online, the Blimp is a colossal aircraft that comes with a substantial price of $1,190,350 on the Elitás Travel website.

Atomicblimp Lsia Gtav

Nonetheless, the Blimp suffers from sluggish speed and maneuverability, making it a less desirable choice. Additionally, its size requires a spacious spawning area, often located far away from the player.

2. HVY Dump

In GTA Online, the Dump is an enormous industrial vehicle that boasts an impressive appearance relative to its size, but it lacks practical functionality. Despite its eye-catching features, purchasing the Dump from Warstock Cache & Carry will cost you a hefty $1 million, and it will be stored as a Pegasus Vehicle.

Gta Mag Camionbenne 775081
HVY Dump

Furthermore, the Dump's mobility is sluggish, and if it collides with smaller cars, it will result in the immediate destruction of both vehicles.

3. RM-10 Bombushka

In GTA Online, the Bombushka stands out as one of the largest and least agile planes available. Its substantial size and weight significantly contribute to its sluggishness, resulting in slow movement and a delayed take-off speed. This lack of agility makes it susceptible to being targeted and attacked by enemies.Despite its status as an armored and weaponized vehicle, its defensive capabilities are limited to enduring just three homing missiles, two explosive rounds, and one RPG attack.

Rm10 Bombushka Gtao

Furthermore, the Bombushka's sluggish maneuverability makes it an easy target for enemy players, leaving it vulnerable to attacks.

4. Surfer Custom

The Surfer Custom, despite being a recent addition to Grand Theft Auto Online, has no practical use. Available for purchase at $590,000 on the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website, this van lacks unique characteristics and operates at a sluggish pace.

Maxresdefault 2
 Surfer Custom

With full upgrades, the Surfer Custom's maximum speed reaches 69.75 mph (112.25 km/h).

5. Oppressor Mk II

The Oppressor Mk II, previously regarded as one of the most disliked and feared vehicles in Grand Theft Auto Online, has experienced a significant decline in effectiveness due to multiple adjustments made by Rockstar Games.

Gta 5 Client Jobs For Oppressor Mk2
Oppressor Mk II

Priced at $8 million within the game, the Oppressor Mk II now possesses a mere 20 homing missiles. However, these missiles tend to be imprecise and frequently fail to hit their intended targets.

6. Brute Boxville (Post OP)

The Post OP Boxville is widely disliked among players in GTA Online, particularly by MC Business owners. This vehicle moves at a sluggish pace, with a maximum speed of just 71.25 mph (114.67 km/h).

Boxville4 Gtao Front
Brute Boxville

Furthermore, the Boxville's handling is subpar, and even a minor collision can result in a loss of control.

7. Nagasaki Caddy (Bunker)

The Bunker Caddy, despite being labeled as a utility vehicle for businesses in GTA Online, lacks any practical function apart from occupying empty spaces.

Gta Mag Nagasaki Caddy Bunker 2 Gtao 799061
Nagasaki Caddy (Bunker)

The community strongly discourages players from purchasing this vehicle, which carries a price tag of $120,000. Walking within the GTA Online Bunker is actually faster than the Caddy's maximum speed of 48.25 mph (77.65 km/h).

8. Buckingham Luxor Deluxe

The Luxor Deluxe sets itself apart from the standard version with enhanced braking capabilities. However, its handling and acceleration suffer due to the added weight from the solid gold construction. Similar to the Luxor, the Luxor Deluxe remains one of the least maneuverable aircraft in the game, thanks to its significant mass.

Given its high price, limited performance, and the inability to activate passive mode, the Luxor Deluxe is primarily suitable for leisurely cruising and may not offer much value for other purposes.

Luxordeluxe Gtav Front
Luxor Deluxe

Furthermore, the Luxor Deluxe's armor plating provides minimal protection, as it can only endure two homing missiles before succumbing to destruction.

9. Vapid Taxi

The Taxi enjoyed a brief period of popularity earlier this year but swiftly lost its appeal, becoming one of the least valuable vehicles to possess.

Gta Online Taxi And Downtown Cab Company Recruitme
Vapid Taxi

While players can utilize it for GTA Online Taxi jobs, these tasks are time-consuming and often result in damage to the vehicle.

10. Dinka Veto Modern (Go-Kart)

The Veto Modern is a Go-Kart available in GTA Online, but it is restricted from being used in races or missions.

Vetomodern Gtao Front
Dinka Veto Modern

Despite its price of $995,000, players can only utilize the Veto Modern in free-roam lobbies. Additionally, it lacks any form of protection, making the driver vulnerable to being run over by other vehicles.

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