Among the numerous ways to earn money in Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online, Heists are highly popular and are considered one of the most preferred options. These missions form an integral part of the game's story mode and are equally crucial in the online version for those who want to accumulate wealth quickly. The game offers several Heists, each with its unique storyline and payout, and most of them require more than one player to participate.

Since players have to invest a considerable amount of money before starting any Heist, it is crucial to evaluate the potential return on investment. In light of this, the following are the top five most lucrative Heists in GTA Online after The Last Dose update.

1. The Diamond Casino Heist

The Diamond Casino Heist has the largest payout among all Heists available in GTA Online. It was introduced in December 2019 and requires at least two players to complete. To initiate the setup missions, players have to buy an Arcade, which becomes accessible after talking to Lester about a business opportunity.

Players must own an Arcade, which can be purchased from Maze Bank Foreclosures, and be registered as a VIP, CEO, or MC President to gain access to the Arcade setup mission. The setup mission must be completed to gain access to Heist planning

Thediamondcasinoheist Gta
The Diamond Casino Heist is pretty well written

This heist has three potential methods of approach: Silent and Sneaky, Big Con, and Aggressive. The primary objectives of the Heist are to steal cash and gold, with diamonds only available during certain weeks. When diamonds are obtainable, the overall payout exceeds 10 million dollars.

2. The Cayo Perico Heist

The Cayo Perico Heist is an uncommon Heist offered in GTA Online. It requires players to travel to the Cayo Perico Islands and break into El Rubio's vault to steal one of the many primary targets. To initiate the Cayo Perico Heist, players must have a Diamond Casino and Resort penthouse and a Kosatka submarine.

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Cayo Perico Heist

While the first setup is free, players have to pay $25,000 for each replay. The maximum payout for the Cayo Perico Heist is up to $4,089,152, depending on whether the Panther statue is available, and it can be completed alone. In addition, players can receive bonus money by completing the Cayo Perico Heist Elite Challenge.

How to Glitch Cayo Perico Heist in GTA Online

Players can follow the typical approach and complete all the prep missions, excluding demolitions and disruption. The YouTuber also recommended that players bring the Kosatka submarine with them throughout the mission.

After completing all the necessary tasks, start the mission and utilize the door-swapping glitch to gain entry into West Storage, where gold bars that are usually valued at over $500,000 can be found. Once you've gathered the gold bars, proceed to the underground vault to claim the primary prize. The YouTuber obtained the Panther Statue, which is thought to be worth between $1,900,000 to $2,090,000, depending on the mission.

Following that, leave El Rubio's compound and the island using any exit method of your preference. During the extraction, GTA Online gamers must turn off the Pause Game On Focus Loss settings. To do this, open the pause menu, go to the Settings tab, and then Graphics Settings. Finally, turn off the Pause Game On Focus Loss setting.

Subsequently, press the Alt and Enter keys on the keyboard to switch the game to windowed mode. Access the Airplane Mode settings in the Settings menu and keep it in standby mode. Additionally, players must keep track of the time, as completing the Elite Challenge is a prerequisite for the glitch to operate.

During the last cutscene, as the receiver takes the loot bag from the GTA Online character, players should focus on his footsteps. The YouTuber advises that when the receiver comes back after picking up the bag, players should activate Airplane mode as soon as he takes the fourth step.

Assuming the timing is accurate, the game should display the mission passed screen and transport you to Story Mode. Following that, re-establish your internet connection and join GTA Online.

3. The Doomsday Heist

The Doomsday Heist, launched in December 2017, consists of three exciting acts: The Data Breaches, The Bogdan Problem, and The Doomsday Scenario. Among these, The Doomsday Scenario is the most lucrative Heist available in GTA Online, with a payout of $2,250,000 on Hard Difficulty. The Heist can be played by a group of two to four players, and one of them must possess a Facility to initiate the setup missions.

Thedoomsdayheist Gtao Artwork
Doomsday Heist

These missions are accessible on the Maze Bank Foreclosures website and range from one to three million dollars in cost.

4. The Pacific Standard Job

One of the earliest heists in GTA Online is The Pacific Standard Job, which was added as part of the Heists update in 2015. It is also among the final batch of jobs released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The Pacific Standard Job is a bank robbery and can accommodate up to four players.

Gta Heists Update2
Pacific Standard Job

The most thrilling part of this Heist is the adrenaline-fueled finale, which features a fast-paced pursuit involving motorcycles and a boat. The maximum payout for The Pacific Standard Job was recently raised to $1,875,000.

5. The Bogdan Problem

The Bogdan Problem, which is part of the Doomsday Heist, can accommodate two to four players. This Heist also unveiled the Ocelot Stromberg in GTA Online, a weaponized Sports Classic vehicle that can be driven underwater. The climax of this mission takes place in a submarine, where players must eliminate several armed foes.

The Bogdan Problem

However, the primary objective is to obtain the Avenger. By playing on Hard Difficulty, the maximum payout for the Bogdan Problem is estimated to be roughly $1,781,250.

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