In GTA Online, there are numerous vehicles that can be driven on the vast open-world map, with even more added in the recent Los Santos Drug Wars: The Last Dose update. Despite some of them being relatively easy to find, a few cars are very rare and often unnoticed by many gamers due to the absence of a guide for locating them. Luckily, a well-known YouTube personality named TGG has spent years exploring this game and has devised a method for discovering all of the extremely uncommon cars. This post will highlight five of the rarest cars in GTA Online and provide players with tips on how to locate them.

5. Pink Stretch

In GTA 5, the stretch limousine, a well-known car in the Grand Theft Auto series, has six seats and drives ok. Although many players are unaware of it, there is a special pink variation of the Stretch that is available.

Pink Stretch

To obtain this exclusive ride, players must travel to Vinewood and steal one of the Stretch cars. They then need to drive it around the Burton area in loops, and this will cause the pink-colored version of the vehicle to spawn in front of the Cockatoos Nightclub.

This vehicle is actually one of the most recurring car in the series. It appears in all the games of the 3D Universe and HD Universe of the Grand Theft Auto series, with the exception of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. In GTA IV, it is made by Dundreary, and in GTA V, it is manufactured by Albany.

4. Declasse Tornado

The Declasse Tornado is a classic car in GTA Online that is modeled after the 1958 Chevrolet Bel Air. Although there are several versions of the Tornado available in the game, the Rusty Tornado is an extremely uncommon variant that features unique paint jobs not found in any LS Customs or Auto Shops.

Tornado3 Gtav Front
Declasse Tornado

The Rusty Tornado has a higher likelihood of appearing at the medical center in Sandy Shores, and driving a regular Tornado around that area can boost its spawn rate.

There are several types of Tornado available in GTA Online, all with the same body but differing in color and roof type:

  • One is a solid roof hard-top version with a large rear window, which has a single body color and stitching in the same color.
  • The second is a convertible version with a soft top that can be retracted and is painted with a secondary color. However, the stitching cannot be painted.
  • The third is a worn-out hard-top beater variant with rusty details, which also has a single color and non-paintable stitching.

3. Modded Ruiner

The muscle car category in GTA 5's story mode boasts some of the fastest vehicles, and the Imponte Ruiner is no exception. The 450cui Fuel-injected V8 engine of this vehicle, which is based on the third generation Pontiac Firebird from real life, gives it a top speed of 118.75 mph (191.11 km/h). However, there is a very uncommon, hard to locate Ruiner that has been modified.

To locate this special variant, players must first acquire a regular Ruiner through purchase or theft and then make their way to the LS Customs in the city. By driving past the LS Customs car park several times, the modded Ruiner may spawn inside the area, providing an opportunity to obtain it.

2. Utility Truck

The Utility Truck is another uncommon vehicle that can be found in GTA Online. It closely resembles the 11th generation Ford F-150 and Ford F-450 Super Duty. While driving this truck around Los Santos, players can store a motorcycle in the back and enjoy some music by calling the numbers painted on the vehicle.

Utilitytruck3 Gtav Front
Utility Truck

There are numerous variations of this exclusive automobile, but they are all hard to come by in the online game. Players who want to find it can explore the Cypress Flats region of the map, where this truck appears more frequently. Additionally, the truck is more likely to spawn in the industrial areas of the game.

1. Imponte Phoenix

In GTA Online, the Imponte Phoenix is a two-seater muscle automobile that resembles the 1977 Pontiac Trans Am. The Imponte Phoenix, which is regarded as one of the Fast & Furious franchise's most attractive vehicles, has an impressive top speed of 113.00 mph (181.86 km/h). Players must look for this car in the game world because they cannot purchase it via in-game websites.

Phoenix Gtav Front
Imponte Phoenix

The following are some spots where players can locate the Phoenix: Terminal, Maze Bank Arena, Cypress Flats, East Vinewood.

The Phoenix has great speed and acceleration, along with impressive torque that enables it to climb steep hills without difficulty. However, its handling is a weak point. Due to its light rear end and poor weight distribution, it is prone to severe oversteer, particularly at high speeds.

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