The weapons in GTA Online that are considered the worst are typically those that are not only costly but also underperform compared to other alternatives. These weapons are not recommended, especially for new players, since their high price tag doesn't justify their poor performance. Although melee weapons and other firearms may not be the best, they are affordable enough to overlook in this discussion.

Contrarily, the weapons described below must be avoided since players cannot get their money back and because there are no practical ways to boost their performance. It follows that these weapons will probably continue to be inferior to others for a very long time.

1. Precision Rifle

Despite being a 2022 addition to GTA Online, the Precision Rifle falls short of other weapons that came before it in quality. It has a number of shortcomings that make it a poor investment, including its expensive price of $450,000 and the absence of a sight, which makes it more difficult to use than other sniper rifles.

Precisionrifle Gtaoe
Precision Rifle

Its performance is unimpressive when compared to other weapons, such as the Musket, and there are almost any modification choices. For players who value efficiency, there is no real benefit to acquiring the Precision Rifle.

2. Compact EMP Launcher

Although the Compact EMP Launcher can temporarily disable vehicles, its usefulness is limited. It is quite expensive, costing $525,000, which is more expensive than the Precision Rifle. In most cases, using an explosive to destroy a vehicle is more advantageous than just disabling it.

Compactemplauncher Gtaoe
Compact EMP Launcher

Moreover, aiming and shooting this weapon is awkward as it behaves like a Compact Grenade Launcher, making it difficult to hit a fast-moving vehicle. While it's not entirely obsolete like the Precision Rifle, the Compact EMP Launcher's function is too specialized to be practical in most situations.

3. Widowmaker

In terms of how it works, the Widowmaker in GTA Online is fairly comparable to the Minigun. But buying it is a lot more expensive. The fact that the Widowmaker is available at Rank 1 is the only real benefit. Nonetheless, the Minigun is already subpar, so having an expensive duplicate of that gun seems unnecessary.

Widowmaker Gtao

Although the Widowmaker can be deadly, it still shares the same drawbacks as the cumbersome Minigun, such as not working well with the game's cover system.

4. Unholy Hellbringer

The Unholy Hellbringer, despite having a massive ammo capacity of 9,999, isn't as impressive as it may seem given its steep price tag. Essentially, it's just a Combat MG that lacks any significant customization options. While it's not necessarily a bad weapon, it's similar to the Widowmaker in that there are far superior alternatives to choose from.

Unholyhellbringer Gtao
Unholy Hellbringer

Assault Rifles are widely regarded as the best weapon category in GTA Online, with numerous beneficial options available to players. Therefore, it's unlikely that the Unholy Hellbringer's immense ammo capacity will make up for its lack of useful Mk II upgrades and exorbitant purchase cost.

5. Pistol Mk II

While the Pistol MK II is an upgrade over the original Pistol, the gun is too expensive for how it actually performs. Comparing to other weapons like the AP Pistol, the MK II Pistol is much, much inferior.

Pistolmkii GtavPistol Mk II
Pistol Mk II

It would be more advantageous for a player to purchase a top-tier Assault Rifle, such as the Special Carbine Mk II or the Bullpup Rifle Mk II, if they have access to Mk II weapons. The Pistol Mk II is ultimately no more useful than the aforementioned assault rifles in any given situation.

6. Proximity Mines

Mines are one of the worst weapons in Grand Theft Auto Online, despite what they can seem like in the game's chaotic universe.


The first issue is that you can only have a maximum of 5 in your inventory. The second and most crucial weakness is its activation time - targets usually would have enough time to move outside of the blast radius before it explodes. Overall, just stick with Sticky Bombs.

7. Sweeper Shotgun

It is almost like Rockstar design the shotgun class to be weak. In exchange for being the fastest shotgun in the game, the Sweeper shotgun's spread and damage are terrible. At close range, you usually need more than 2 shots to finish a player. That's in the best-case scenario when all shots hit the target.

Sweeper Shotgun
Sweeper Shotgun

Overall, just stick with the Combat shotgun if you want to fight close and personal.

8. Assault Rifle

A lot of players who are new to GTA Online but familiar with other shooters are tricked into buying this gun. It deals less damage per hit than the Carbine Rifle while having less accuracy and fire rate.

Assault Rifle
Assault Rifle

At earlier stages of the game, you can out-damage handguns and submachine guns... but later on, any other AR would be better than this gun.

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