The level of enjoyment provided by missions in the First and Last Dose series of GTA Online can vary greatly. While some of these jobs can be tedious, others can be quite engaging. This article will arrange these missions based on their level of amusement, with those offering greater variety and distinct features compared to other missions in the game ranked higher.

It should be noted that the rankings provided are subjective and may differ from the opinions of some players. Furthermore, all of the First and Last Dose missions have already been released, so this article will remain relevant even after future updates.

How To Start Gta Online Last Dose Missions
First And Last Dose Missions

11. Fatal Incursion

The most challenging aspect of this particular mission in GTA Online is the task of searching for meth in a vast open area that cannot be easily located using the minimap. The challenge is further compounded by the fact that players must collect ten packages of meth in a region where the yellow minimap marker spans multiple structures.

Apart from this daunting task, the mission does not offer any particularly intriguing or captivating features.

10. Make War, not Love

Make War not Love, a mission in GTA Online, is a straightforward job that involves players going to a limited number of locations, eliminating some adversaries, and destroying a few vehicles. This simplicity is also the reason why the mission can be dull, as it lacks any creative or intriguing aspects, making it mundane to discuss.


The conclusion of The Last Dose missions in GTA Online is not particularly noteworthy. While breaking into a plane with another jet is entertaining and the resulting gunfights are well-executed, the final segment of driving the truck back to The Freakshop can be frustrating due to the ease with which it can be destroyed if players fail to evade the pursuing cops in a reasonable amount of time.

8. Unusual Suspects

Gta Online First Dose
The First/Last dose quest chain have been a blast to all GTA Online players.

The Last Dose mission in question features numerous objectives, although they are not especially thrilling. In this mission, players in GTA Online must refrain from killing certain gang leaders while eliminating their subordinates, only to discover that another person is responsible for Labrat's abduction. Afterward, players must visit a warehouse and photograph various clues.

Although the mission is reasonably well-designed, it is not as captivating as some of the other jobs listed here.

7. Designated Driver

The first section of Designated Driver mission in GTA Online is rather meaningless, as the truck that players steal is always booby-trapped to explode. The actual essence of the mission is in players infiltrating The Lost MC's clubhouse and procuring valuable plans and items. While most of the job is engaging and well-crafted, the initial segment is dull and serves no significant purpose in the larger context of the mission.

6. FriedMind

Interestingly, some of the later missions in The Last Dose series of GTA Online are easier than the earlier ones. One such mission, FriedMind, is a prime example of this trend. In this mission, players need to infiltrate a building, obtain a few items, and rescue Labrat from the basement. The task of eliminating guards in this mission is particularly effortless.

Once players have completed their mission, they must transport Labrat and Luchadora back to The Freakshop.

5. This is an Intervention

This is an Intervention, the first mission in The Last Dose series of GTA Online, is similar to Welcome to the Troupe, but more challenging, and players are more likely to fail the mission. Apart from this, the mission is well-suited for players who enjoy chaotic gunfights with a significant number of foes swarming in from multiple directions.

4. Welcome to the Troupe

Gta Online Official Rockstar Newswire Art For Chec
These missions are not really that challenging.

The initial mission of the First Dose series in GTA Online is quite fascinating. Essentially, players have to defend their territory with the advantage of high ground against a large group of enemies, with some aid from Dax's allies. It's a classic gunfight scenario that isn't overly challenging.

However, the latter part of the mission, which involves driving Dax to The Freakshop, is not particularly memorable. Nevertheless, compared to other missions in the game, this one is still quite enjoyable.

3. Off the Rails

The concluding mission of the First Dose series in GTA Online can be quite challenging, but it offers a lot of exciting content. Besides, completing the mission rewards the player with the Brickade 6x6, which is useful in one of the most profitable activities in the game, the Acid Lab. However, let's focus on the mission itself.

Players must infiltrate Humane Labs, but stealth is not mandatory. They get to experience various gameplay elements, such as breaking into the building, taking photos, fighting enemies, racing to reach a station before a train, and stealing the Brickade 6x6. In summary, Off the Rails is an excellent mission overall.

2. Checking In

In the First and Last Dose missions of GTA Online, there are two missions where players experience strange hallucinations. Checking In is the second of the two jobs, and it has some enjoyable parts that distinguish it from the other jobs mentioned so far.

However, First Dose's The Uncontrolled Substance is ranked higher than Checking In because the beginning of Checking In is unimportant and less interesting than the entirety of The Uncontrolled Substance.

1. Uncontrolled Substance

One of the most enjoyable missions in the First Dose series of GTA Online is the Uncontrolled Substance, which is also considered the most creative one. This mission offers a unique and trippy experience, with its vibrant visuals and absurd tasks that make it genuinely entertaining, especially on the first try. Moreover, unlike other missions, it's not very challenging, so players are less likely to get frustrated or fail repeatedly.

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