The GTA series is known for its captivating narratives, immersive gameplay, and memorable cast of characters. Rockstar has built an universe around the GTA characters, with previous NPCs making appearance in the next title. With the reveal of GTA 6, fans are very hyped and filled with anticipation about the return of their favorite characters. While Rockstar has not revealed anything, plenty of theories have been floating around, speculate about the new recurring GTA character in the sequel.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 GTA V characters who are most likely to come back in GTA 6.

1. Franklin Clinton

Franklin Clinton is highly likely to reappear in Grand Theft Auto 6 as he was a vital character in GTA 5 and known for his driving abilities. Franklin is depicted as a proficient driver and car enthusiast who frequently engages in high-speed chases and car thefts.

Considering the speculations that Grand Theft Auto 6 will involve robberies and heists, Franklin's driving skills could prove to be an asset to any criminal team. Furthermore, his history as a gang member and his connections to other characters in the game could make him a crucial participant in the plot of GTA 6.

2. Lester Crest

Lester is an essential character in GTA 5, famous for his proficiency in hacking and planning heists. He played a crucial part in organizing the game's significant heists, such as the Union Depository and the Big Score.

Lestercrest Gtao Artwork
Lester Crest   

There are rumors and leaks surrounding GTA 6, suggesting that the game's plot will focus on robberies, which would make Lester's skills and expertise incredibly valuable. He could be a consultant, adviser, or team leader for the game's heists, offering players guidance on how to plan and execute successful robberies.

Over the past six years since the release of GTA V, it seems that Lester has maintained a relationship with Michael's family. This is evidenced by the fact that Jimmy, Michael's son, refers to Lester as "my Uncle Les" in GTA Online, indicating a close familial bond. Additionally, when the protagonist asks about Jimmy, Lester briefly mentions that he is a "family friend."

Furthermore, Lester's experience and knowledge of the criminal underworld could be an advantageous resource for any criminal group in Grand Theft Auto 6. He could serve as the mastermind behind a significant heist or be a trusted confidant and advisor to a powerful crime boss.

3. Lamar Davis

Lamar Davis, a supporting character in GTA 5, is likely to reappear in the upcoming Rockstar Games' release due to his significance in Franklin's storyline and new business ventures. Lamar is depicted as Franklin's closest friend, and both characters engage in various criminal activities throughout the game.

In ending C, Lamar is not seen again, but he later phones Franklin to let him know that he is alive.

Gta V Artwork Lamar 542 1600
Lamar Davis

If the rumored Bonnie and Clyde-style plot in Grand Theft Auto 6 involves robberies, it's possible that Franklin and Lamar could collaborate once again for some heists. Additionally, in the "GTA Online" mode, Lamar established his own company, "LD Organics," which could make him a potential player in the drug trade of Vice City, the rumored location for the next game.

Given Lamar's connection to Franklin and his involvement in criminal activities, he is a probable candidate to reappear in the next Grand Theft Auto game, particularly if the game's plot is comparable to that of GTA 5.

4. Martin Madrazo

Martin Madrazo, a wealthy and influential drug lord, hires Michael and his team to complete a task in Grand Theft Auto 5. However, when the job goes wrong and Madrazo's mansion is destroyed, he becomes a recurring antagonist throughout the game, although he remains a significant player in the Los Santos criminal underworld.

Martin Madrazo

With the confirmed setting of GTA 6 in Vice City, a region renowned for its history of drug trafficking, Madrazo could potentially resume a comparable role as a drug lord. Given his vast resources and connections, depending on their objectives and motivations, he could be either a valuable ally or a formidable foe to the game's protagonists.

5. Simeon Yetarian

Simeon Yetarian is a car dealer who operates Premium Deluxe Motorsport in Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto 5. His unethical business practices include lending money to people who cannot afford it, putting them in debt. Simeon often hires Franklin to repossess vehicles from individuals who have not made their payments and even attempts to have him killed at one point.

Gta V Artwork Simeon 553 1600
Simeon Yetarian

If the upcoming title from Rockstar Games features a similar storyline involving cars, Simeon could potentially return as a character. He may be involved in criminal activities such as car theft rings, smuggling stolen vehicles, or organizing illegal street races. Additionally, Simeon's connections in the criminal underworld could make him a valuable asset to any criminal organization operating in Vice City.

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