GTA Online has an extensive collection of vehicles that makes it a haven for car enthusiasts. Among the various categories of cars available in the game such as sports, utility, and luxury, the Ubermacht Revolter stands out as a Sports Car that was introduced in 2018 with The Doomsday Heist update.

Although it may not be the fastest or strongest car, the Ubermacht Revolter possesses certain qualities that make it a superior option in the game. In this article, we will explore five reasons why the Ubermacht Revolter is a necessary addition to any player's collection in GTA Online, particularly after The Last Dose update.

1. Sleek design

The Ubermacht Revolter appears to have been designed using elements from several different car models. Its side profile, greenhouse area and tail lights are similar to those of the Cadillac Escala Concept and the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé Concept, while its headlights resemble those found on the Audi TT Mk3.

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Sleek design

The front of the car has a small extender at the bottom of the front fascia, with a mesh intake that stretches across most of the car's width. The grille is trapezium-shaped and finished in chrome on the lower sides, while the headlights are comprised of dual square-shaped units with L-shaped strips below them. The sides of the car are quite large, with the front fenders featuring rear-facing exit ducts and the rear ones having slightly flared arches. The greenhouse area is unique, with chrome trims around the windows and no separations on the side ones. The rear of the car has a trunk with a discreet lip and three long light strips covering part of the upper sides.

The interior appears to be similar to that of the Nero and Nero Custom, but with black units around the air conditioning instead of chrome. The car's primary color is applied to most of the bodywork, while the secondary color is applied to the front extender, hood, roof and rear bumper. A trim color is also available for the interior, applied to the dashboard, doors and part of the seats. The car comes with a set of rims featuring dual spokes with dual thinner frames between each set, wrapped in low-profile tires.

2. Decent top speed and great acceleration

The Revolter stands out from many sports and super cars in a number of areas, particularly in its acceleration which is incredibly fast due to its powerful engine and excellent traction. It can take off from the line instantly without any wheel spin. While its top speed is impressive, there is still room for improvement through upgrades.

Despite its weight, the Revolter is quite agile and can easily navigate through traffic, corners and rough terrain, thanks to its stable handling. Interestingly, the Revolter has a small turning circle for a car of its size and weight, and hardly ever spins out of control even when taking sharp turns.

However, the Revolter is not very sturdy and lacks any armor plating upgrades. In fact, it seems to fall apart much easier than other cars, with doors and bumpers detaching easily in crashes.


3. Competitive pricing

Unlike many sports cars in GTA Online, the Ubermacht Revolter is relatively inexpensive. It can be purchased from the in-game website Legendary Motorsport for $1,610,000, which may seem costly, but it is a reasonable price in the game's context.

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Competitive pricing

If players are unsatisfied with its performance, they can recover 60% of their investment by selling the Revolter. The resale value of the car is $966,000, which increases to $1,161,225 if it is entirely customized. All vehicles can be sold at any Los Santos Customs outlet.

4. Highly customizable

Customizing cars is a well-loved feature in GTA Online, and the Ubermacht Revolter is no exception. Players who enjoy giving their vehicles a personal touch will have plenty of options, as it can be customized in 13 categories at Los Santos Customs and the Agency Workshop.

Here are a few customization categories for the Revolter:

  • Armor upgrades: 5
  • Brakes: 4
  • Engine upgrades: 4
  • Headlights: 2
  • Liveries: 23
  • Plates: 5
  • Transmission: 4
  • Window tint: 4

While players can add bulletproof tires to the car, there is no option to make the body or windows bulletproof. Additionally, the Revolter offers various respraying and wheel choices, as well as the ability to tune the car with a turbo. Players can also use the License Plate Creator to attach custom-made license plates to the car.

5. Weaponization capability

Beyond the typical customization options, those who own the Ubermacht Revolter can equip dual machine guns to its front end. This customization can be done through the GTA Online Mobile Operations Center, which is a separate purchase.

By adding dual machine guns, the car gains an exciting feature that can be useful during missions or other activities. The guns are located close to the ground and face forward, making them straightforward to use while stationary or in motion.

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