In GTA Online, the Special Cargo business provides a highly profitable opportunity for players to purchase and sell crates from warehouses. The process involves buying cargo and storing it in crates, which can be time-consuming due to factors such as locating the cargo, dealing with obstacles, and returning to the warehouse.

However, there is a clever method that players can use to increase their earnings and complete more missions in a shorter amount of time. It is even more effective this week, as players can get extra bonuses from Special Cargo.

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Special Cargo Warehouse

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the various tricks  to maximize profits from Special Cargo in 2023.

Special Cargo Warehouse Trick

During the week when Rockstar Games is offering a 50% increase in payouts, players can take advantage of a GTA Online strategy that centers around Cargo Warehouses. In the game, players can own up to five such properties, and each full warehouse can sell for over 3.1 million dollars.

By selling the supplies from all five warehouses, players can potentially earn over 15 million dollars. The trick involves using effective techniques such as using the Oppressor Mark II and the Terabyte, changing outfits to trigger a game save, setting the CEO Office as the spawn location, and utilizing technicians in the warehouses to source crates in the background.

To maximize profits during the special week, players are advised to combine this trick with other activities like the Cayo Perico heist and Payphone Hits from Franklin.

Step by step guide to earn money fast via Special Cargo

To execute this GTA Online technique, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain at least one large Cargo Warehouse in the game. Remember, you can possess up to five of these warehouses.
  2. Make use of the Oppressor Mark II, a flying hoverbike that can be kept in your Terabyte, which is a mobile command center.
  3. Between crate-sourcing missions, request your Terabyte by selecting it from the Interaction Menu.
  4. Complete a crate-sourcing mission with your Oppressor Mark II, then transport the crates back to your Warehouse.
  5. Return to your Terabyte and launch another sourcing mission from there. This saves you time since you don't have to travel to and from your Warehouse.
  6. Continue this method effectively, utilizing the Terabyte to summon and store the Oppressor Mark II, and sourcing crates back-to-back.

If you lack an Oppressor Mk II in GTA Online, try this alternate approach:

  1. As soon as you complete a Special Cargo source mission, alter your outfit via the interaction menu.
  2. Change your spawn location to your CEO office using the interaction menu.
  3. To reduce load times, find an invite-only session or a new session.
  4. Upon entering the new session, you will spawn in your CEO office. This allows you to start another Special Cargo source mission.
  5. Make use of the technicians who are now accessible in your warehouses. They can source crates for you every 48 minutes, costing $7,500, enabling you to passively accumulate crates while actively undertaking other missions.

By using this approach, you can efficiently complete Special Cargo missions consecutively with minimal delay, maximizing your potential earnings.

To avoid losing progress due to bugs or glitches, players must save the game regularly by changing outfits or using other techniques. Moreover, opting for an invite-only session or a next-gen console with shorter load times can enhance the efficiency of this money-making strategy in GTA Online.

Best warehouse to buy in GTA Online

1. Darnel Bros

  • Location: La Mesa, East Los Santos.
  • Price: $3,500,000
Darnel Bros

The Darnel Bros warehouse is the most costly and top-rated warehouse in the game. It offers easy accessibility, ample space for helicopter landings, and is located close to pickup points. Players can go off the radar at a low cost due to its close proximity, and if they reappear on the radar, it will be too late for anyone to intervene, unless their opponents are positioned right in front of the warehouse. In such an instance, players should be capable of detecting the enemies first and taking appropriate action.

2. Walker and Sons

  • Location: Banning, South Los Santos
  • Price: $3,040,000
Warehouses Gtao Large Banning Walker26sonswarehous
Walker and Sons

Walker and Sons warehouse, despite being among the costliest warehouses in GTA Online, is situated in a highly convenient location. Due to its central location on the map and proximity to mission sites, players can save a lot of time and easily move to the next mission. Additionally, the warehouse's proximity to the street and train tracks allows players to land a Buzzard near the door.

If players are driving back from the west or right side of the map (e.g., Del Perro), they can use the river near the marina and take an exit that leads them directly to the entrance road of this warehouse. Moreover, as the Pacific Ocean is not too far from the location, players can easily escape if necessary.

3. Logistics Depot

  • Location: La Mesa, East Los Santos
  • Price: $2,600,000
Warehouses Gtao Large Lamesa Logisticsdepot
Logistics Depot

Logistics Depot in GTA Online is a warehouse with numerous vehicle spawn points, making it easy for players to land a buzzard. Although the GPS may lead you through a longer route, you can take the shorter route of coming in at the front instead of entering through the rear and going around to the drop point. This route becomes more familiar over time. Additionally, Logistics Depot is easily accessible.

4. Xero Gas Factory

  • Location: Los Santos International AirportSouth Los Santos
  • Price: $2,365,000
Warehouses Gtao Large Lsia Xerogasfactory
Xero Gas Factory

Xero Gas Factory is a satisfactory location in South Los Santos as it offers convenience for certain missions that can be troublesome. For instance, if you need to complete a sell mission with a plane, the warehouse's proximity to LSIA can make it easier. Similarly, if you have to complete the Marquis buy mission, the factory's accessibility from the water can be an advantage.

However, the only issue with this location is that landing a helicopter can be problematic as the circle is located under an overhang.

5. Wholesale Furniture

  • Location: Cypress Flats, East Los Santos
  • Price: $1,900,000
Warehouses Gtao Large Cypressflats Wholesalefurnit
Wholesale Furniture

Wholesale Furniture is an excellent warehouse in GTA Online, offering ample space and convenient access from the freeway. It is also the most affordable option available. However, there are some downsides to this location. The corona, which is the objective marker, is situated too close to a lamppost and a small canopy, making it difficult to make last-minute adjustments for a helicopter drop.

To optimize efficiency, players can park their Terrorbyte halfway between Wholesale Furniture and Logistics Depot, allowing them to quickly switch between the two warehouses. This method is superior to using Bilgeco at the airport or Cypress Flats, which is gated and more challenging to access.

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