In GTA Online, supercars are among the top-performing vehicles due to their impressive speed, acceleration, handling, and useful features. This article showcases some of the most beneficial cars from this category in the game, ranked in order of usefulness, though this is subjective. Note that only vehicles added up until the release of GTA Online's The Last Dose update will be included, and any new additions will not be mentioned. Additionally, vehicles with the same high-speed warfare (HSW) feature will only be mentioned once to avoid repetition.

1. Weaponized Ignus

The Weaponized Ignus (HSW) is an exceptional vehicle in GTA Online races, with a top speed of 146.25 mph and a lap time of 0:55.589. Its top speed ranks third, while its lap time holds the first position in the competitive Supercar class, which is quite impressive.

Weaponizedignus Gtaoee Front

In addition to its exceptional performance, the Weaponized Ignus also comes equipped with a machine gun that can effectively destroy other vehicles. Furthermore, it has the capability to equip a Missile Lock-On Jammer, which makes it difficult for other players to target it with homing missiles.

Since HSW vehicles typically lack a machine gun and Missile Lock-On Jammer, having both features in a single vehicle like the Weaponized Ignus is a remarkable advantage in GTA Online.

2. Cyclone II

In GTA Online, there are numerous HSW Supercars available, but only a few are considered worthwhile. Because of its exceptional acceleration as an electric vehicle, the Cyclone II is one of the top alternatives. With a top speed of 141 mph, it's not even slow for an electric car, ranking fourth in its class.

Cycloneii Gtaoee Front


If players desire a vehicle with exceptional acceleration and ease of control, then obtaining the Cyclone II alongside its HSW upgrade is highly recommended. Moreover, its lap time of 0:55.823 puts it in second place, only slightly behind the first vehicle on the list.

Similar to the Tezeract, the Cyclone II has a faster reverse speed than any other supercar when driving backward. By adding the HSW performance upgrade, the Cyclone II's speed and acceleration can be significantly enhanced. It can reach its top speed of 141 mph/227 kph in just six seconds, which is a remarkable improvement.

3. Virtue

The Virtue in GTA Online is a valuable vehicle to own primarily because it grants players access to Imani Tech modifications for free. To acquire it, players must complete all The Last Dose missions, which can only be unlocked after completing all The First Dose missions. Once obtained, the Virtue is a Supercar with impressive features, including the ability to use a Remote Control Unit or Missile Lock-On Jammer, armored capabilities (requiring 12 homing missiles to destroy), and decent speed.

In the upgraded edition of the game, the Virtue boasts the swiftest acceleration among all wheel-propelled vehicles, achieving a speed of 62 mph/100 Kph in merely 1.7 seconds.

Virtue Gtaoe Front

Typically, players would have to purchase everything listed above separately, making the Virtue an excellent free alternative. Obtaining such a vehicle for free is considered a steal. As anticipated for an entirely electric automobile, it produces minimal noise and can barely be heard in tranquil surroundings when the radio is turned off.

4. Vigilante

Weaponized vehicles are a sought-after choice among players in GTA Online, and the Vigilante stands out as a Supercar that surpasses most vehicles, even those with HSW modifications, with a top speed of 147 mph. This vehicle also features a booster that aids in achieving this impressive speed effortlessly.

Vigilante Gtao Frontquarter

When the Vigilante's boost is activated, its top speed exceeds 150 mph / 241.4 km/h, making it the fastest land transport in the game. In fact, it even surpasses the P-996 LAZER's ground speed of 136 mph / 218.9 km/h if the player repeatedly uses the boost.

The Vigilante is a sports car that not only performs well but also has offensive capabilities like armed and heavy vehicles. It has good acceleration, traction, and decent handling. Its mass is similar to that of the Insurgent, which allows it to easily plow through traffic, particularly with its front end.

5. Emerus

The Emerus has comparable performance to the T20, with great acceleration and top speed. However, the handling can be challenging to adapt to, as it tends to be unstable on uneven roads and corners due to its low suspension. Nevertheless, this instability can also be advantageous, as the vehicle's traction is good and it can maneuver through sharp turns.

Emerus Gtao Front

Players using PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms are unable to utilize HSW modifications, resulting in the Emerus being the top-performing Supercar in races accessible on these platforms, with an impressive lap time of 0:57.901. The Emerus also boasts exceptional acceleration, making it a practical choice for most tracks.

Alternatively, some players may prefer to use the Krieger, LM87, or S80RR as these vehicles offer comparable performance to the Emerus in the Supercar class within GTA Online.

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