GTA Online offers a wide range of vehicles that come with hefty price tags exceeding $2,000,000, and some even surpassing twice that amount. Nevertheless, a few of these options are genuinely worthwhile. While acquiring these vehicles may require players to put in a significant amount of effort, each item listed below holds a valuable position within the current metagame. This includes cars, motorcycles, planes, and even sea vessels, as long as they serve a practical purpose.

Please note that the following costs provided are the default prices and Trade Prices. This article does not consider the possibility of future events offering discounts on these vehicles or the potential occurrence of a free promotion through GTA+. Additionally, there are no free versions available for the entries mentioned below, which means no Virtue or P-996 LAZER.

1. Oppressor Mk II

Price: $6,000,000~$8,000,000

Oppressormkii Gtao Front
Oppressor Mk II

The Oppressor Mk II experienced a significant price increase, which was seen as a justifiable move. Since its introduction in GTA Online in 2018, this flying motorcycle has sparked controversy among players. Prior to the price change update, its offensive and defensive capabilities were toned down. However, the Oppressor Mk II still possesses a range of impressive qualities, including:

  1. Exceptional user-friendliness: It is extremely easy to operate.
  2. Outstanding mobility: The ability to fly or hover indefinitely provides remarkable maneuverability.
  3. Solid top speed: It can reach a respectable speed of 127.75 mph.
  4. Decent homing missiles: These missiles are useful for PvE (Player vs. Environment) situations.

Moreover, upgrading the Oppressor Mk II is an expensive endeavor, as it requires owning a Nightclub and a Terrorbyte, which adds several million dollars to the overall cost. As a result, players are advised to acquire the Oppressor Mk II at its Trade Price by completing five Client Jobs through the Terrorbyte.

2. Deluxo

Price: $4,312,500~$5,750,000

The Deluxo in GTA Online can be considered as a car counterpart to the Oppressor Mk II. It is a flying vehicle equipped with homing missiles and is renowned for its user-friendly nature. All the advantages associated with the Oppressor Mk II can also be attributed to the Deluxo, with the added benefit of being cheaper in comparison.

Gta 5 Deluxo

Significantly, the Deluxo is involved in several duplication glitches within GTA Online, primarily due to its high cost, which contributes to its high resale value. These exploits can easily grant players millions of in-game dollars. However, even without resorting to such rule-breaking methods, it's worth noting that the Deluxo holds a strong position within its niche and is regarded as an excellent car.

3. Hydra

Price: $3,000,000~$3,990,000

In GTA Online, numerous planes come with exorbitant price tags, but the Hydra falls within a relatively reasonable range of $3,000,000 to $3,990,000. It secures the third spot in terms of speed, boasting an impressive top speed of 209.25 mph. Additionally, as a military jet, it offers formidable weaponry as expected.

Hydra Gtao Frontquarter

The only drawback is that the Hydra may not be the most practical choice for grinding purposes, but its strength lies in PvP (Player vs. Player) scenarios. Its advantage lies in being one of the few planes with the ability for vertical take-off and landing, granting the Hydra an extra edge in terms of mobility.

4. B-11 Strikeforce

Price: $3,800,000

The B-11 Strikeforce is another exceptional aircraft that deserves attention. It may appear unassuming, but its durability and exceptional maneuverability make it highly valuable in aerial combat situations. These two qualities are particularly advantageous for GTA Online players aiming to outmaneuver and defeat opponents in airborne battles.

B-11 Strikeforce

Furthermore, the B-11 Strikeforce is equipped with a variety of weapons, including multiple bombing options, allowing pilots to effectively engage and eliminate enemies on the ground if desired.

5. Kosatka

Price: $2,200,000

While the Kosatka may appear comparatively cheaper than the previously mentioned options, $2,200,000 is still a substantial amount of money. Additionally, additional expenses will be incurred for upgrades such as the Sonar Station. However, regardless of the total investment, the Kosatka is undoubtedly worth every dollar.

Kosatka Submarine Sonar Station

Possessing this vehicle grants players eligibility for the highly profitable Cayo Perico Heist, which is considered one of the most lucrative activities for solo players. Moreover, it proves to be an excellent asset for groups of friends looking to engage in profitable grinding sessions. This particular trait alone has made the Kosatka one of the most widely used vehicles in the entirety of GTA Online.

6. Terrorbyte

Price: $3,459,500

The Terrorbyte is a large command truck that serves primarily as an operational hub for all 8 business types; Vehicle Cargo, Special Cargo, M/C Club Businesses (Weed, Cocaine, Meth, Counterfeit Cash), Supplies and Air Freight Cargo, alongside Paige's Client Jobs. Managing all business from a single location saves a lot of time and effort.


Players can upgrade the Terrorbyte with a multi-lock missile batter, drone station, weapon workshop and specialized workshop. Players need this truck to upgrade the Oppressor Mk2. Furthermore, it is the only vehicle that can be upgraded and stored in this area.

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