The year-end holiday is the time that we can finally spend to have fun with your family and your beloved friends. However, it's impossible for those that have to work or study abroad and can't afford to return home for reunions. If you're stuck in that same situation, I highly recommend inviting them to play 100% Orange Juice with them!

The anime digital board game from the developer Orange_Juice has debuted on Steam for 6 years, and was widely acclaimed by players for its 'moe' characters, fun dice-rolling and card-drawing. And now, the publisher Fruitbat Factory is very excited to announce that 100% Orange Juice has reached its milestone of 10 Lakh download counts!

And to celebrate this event, 100% Orange Juice will welcome a brand new character to the roster - Mio the Magical Devil, and she will be free-to-play within this holiday event! You can see her action as well as some gameplay features of the game in the trailer below:

Quick review on 100% Orange Juice

100% Orange Juice is basically a board game that puts you and 3 more people in a grid-lined map, where almost everything is decided by dice-rolling. It has an intriguing story of a youth namely Kai was dragged in a mysterious dark and bottomless world by the wicked entity called Marie Popo. However, the story doesn't matter that much at the moment you dive into the game.

100 Orange Juice 10 Lakhs Downloads Steam 7
I see no darkness here ...

The winning condition of this game is very simple: fulfilling your character's quests against other players. The characters from this game were taken from the most famous titles of Orange_Juice, including Sora, Suguri, QP Shooting, and Flying Red Barrel. Orange_Juice is very handy with anime-like games, so we can be sure that those characters can suit whatever styles you like.

Every character has their own appearance as well as personal stats, which will influence the outcome of a whole match. We'll come back with it later, but now, let's talk more about its gameplay mechanics. Starting from the center of the board, players will roll dices to decide how many steps your characters can make. Stopping in a certain grid, you'll explore the mystery behind it.

100 Orange Juice 10 Lakhs Downloads Steam 1
Role dice to decide what you can do in your turn

They include special events, card-drawing further dice rolling and combats. For example, you can blow up the entire line and requiring other players to roll dice to dodge, or you can just simply pick a new card or use your owned one for goods. There will be times that you might encounter enemies, where the combats will begin.

100 Orange Juice 10 Lakhs Downloads Steam 6
Every grid has a random thing for you to explore

Fighting against enemies or other players, you'll also use dice to deal damage or defend against enemies. The attacking mechanic is quite simple: you'll combine your attack stat and your dice's points to compare with the enemy's, and if your number is higher, you can deal damage based on the differences to them. You also have two ways to defend: normal defend, or evade. Evading requires you to roll a higher number than the enemy, but if you fail, you'll take the entire amount of damage. Normal defend will reduce the damage you take.

100 Orange Juice 10 Lakhs Downloads Steam 5
Evade is quite riskier than defend, but sometimes you don't have other choices

The fun parts about this game are the character's special ability which will present through cards, as well as the number of random events that you will never expect. Overall, 100% Orange Juice will definitely be the redundant source of Happy Vitamins for you and your friends this New Year's event!

100 Orange Juice 10 Lakhs Downloads Steam 4
You can build your deck in this game for each character as well!

Supported platforms

If you're interested and want to pick up 100% Orange Juice, this cannot be a better chance, since the game is under 75% sale now. It cuts the price of the game down to only $1.74 for a single standard copy and $5.99 for a 4-copy package.

100 Orange Juice 10 Lakhs Downloads Steam 8
There is also a free-demo for you to enjoy!

Hence, you can just skip your daily cup of coffee to get the game for everyone you love, and enjoy your time with them. We wish you the best moment of your life, and a new year full of success!