Money glitches are a widely used gameplay strategy in GTA Online, and they have been around since the days of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Despite Rockstar Games' efforts to prevent players from obtaining unfair advantages by fixing numerous glitches, veteran players still recall some of the more popular and rare money glitches from the past. Although the multiplayer game has progressed significantly, executing a money glitch successfully without any difficulties is now almost impossible. This article, however, highlights five of the most infrequent GTA Online money glitches that will undoubtedly evoke memories for those who have been playing the game for a long time.

Note: These glitches are no longer functional.

5. Auto Shop Client Service dupe glitch

Up until last year, the Auto Shop Client Service dupe glitch in GTA Online was one of the easiest ways to earn money in the game. By duplicating the Client Service car and delivering it twice, players could earn double the amount of profit. However, due to its popularity and unfair advantages, Rockstar Games patched the glitch in January 2023 with a background update. The glitch worked by allowing players to select both the self and staff delivery options for the Client Service car, which was usually not possible as the game would remove one option when the other was selected.

4. Los Santos Customs car dupe glitch

The following glitch was extremely well-liked among experienced players, particularly those who owned PlayStation 3 and Xbox One consoles. This GTA Online money glitch enabled them to duplicate any car while in the Los Santos Customs garage and sell it for an unlimited profit. Unfortunately, since the multiplayer servers for those consoles are no longer operational, the glitch is no longer available.

To execute the glitch, players would have to purchase a pricey vehicle and use another one as bait. Although the process initially started with the bait model, the game would eventually replace it with the expensive one, enabling players to sell it without any restrictions.

3. Zirconium Journey-motorcycle dupe glitch

During the times of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in GTA Online, private garages featured a unique cutscene where vehicles would exit the building. This allowed players to execute various actions, including the Zirconium Journey-motorcycle dupe glitch, which enabled instant duplication of the motorcycle that could then be sold for a profit.

To perform this money glitch, players simply needed to park the Journey outside the garage door, take the motorcycle from inside the garage, and ride it out. When the player collided with the Journey in a specific manner, it would cause the player to fall off the motorcycle while simultaneously duplicating it.

2. Karin Rebel dupe glitch 2

Back in the PS3 era of GTA Online, the Karin Rebel was one of the most economical vehicles, and players discovered a straightforward money glitch to take advantage of it. They would fill their garages with nine Rebels and one costly vehicle. Next, they had to destroy all the Rebels and employ the expensive car as bait to duplicate using Mors Mutual Insurance.

Once the garage was stocked with copies of the pricey vehicle, they could sell them for profit. Nevertheless, the procedure was lengthy, and the amount of money earned was also minimal.

1. Karin Rebel dupe glitch 1

This glitch utilized a similar method as the prior one, but with the involvement of police. In order to execute it, players had to store nine Rebels and one pricey car in their GTA Online garage, drive the expensive car, obtain a wanted level, and then be killed by the cops.

Once the car was impounded, players could use the Mechanic and Request Personal Vehicle options from the Interaction menu to duplicate the vehicle. If executed correctly, the game would swap the Rebel and allow the players to sell it for a profit.

What is a dirty dupe in GTA V?

A dirty dupe is basically when you have the same license plates on multiple cars. A clean dupe that you get by using a donor car should receive the license plate from the donor car. This makes it to where you never have 2 of the same plates. People get around this by using custom plates.

Can you get banned for duplicating cars?

It's not the duplicating that gets you banned, it's selling too many dupes per 30 hour period(you should sell 8 maximum per 30 hour period, spread out at least 1-2 hours apart) or selling dirty dupes(same plate over and over). Also once someone reaches their daily sell limit, they get dupe detected and their detection level rises and rockstar will look into them if the level gets to a certain point.

If you produce conventionally Clean Dupes, the Dupes will inherit the Master Vehicle's Custom Plate. Afterwards you can easily change to another Custom to sell.

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