For more than two decades, the best FPS games have been the driving force of the PC games industry. While countless multiplayer games let you and your buddies gun down your enemies together, only a select few stand out in terms of gameplay, aesthetics, and even lore.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 best multiplayer shooters to play on PC in 2022.

1. Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is an action MMO set in a single, evolving world that you and your friends can join anywhere, anytime, absolutely free. It offers several great dungeons and raids as well as a superb PvP. The game itself is free, but contains many paid DLCs.

Destiny 2
Destiny 2 is an FPS game in the list of best free Xbox One games 2020

The gunplay is fantastic. Guns pack a proper punch. The handling feels solid, and there is nothing better than sniping another guardian in the head. The movement slightly differs from class to class but the mix of dodges and jumps provides more flexibility and a greater skill gap. There are certainly some balancing needed, however all in all I would say the gunplay is great.

Destiny 2 1

The dungeons and raids are a great combination of puzzles, combat, parkour and boss fights. To finish a raid you pretty much have to have a mic and communicate with your team, but as long as your team consists of your friends its gonna be a great time. However, if your team is filled with randoms, prepare for a horrible time.

The uniqueness of exotic perks is truly where destiny shines. It can range from "Melee kills restore health for a short duration." to "Sliding reflects projectiles". These exotics can drastically change your playstyle and makes the replay value a whole lot better.

2. Hunt: Showdown

There's nothing quite like Hunt out there. It's a difficult, challenging PvPvE game. You play as a bounty hunter tasked with killing a high value target in an area infested with some sort of dark magic. The only problem is, you're not the only hunter out there.


You collect clues to locate the target, you kill the target, you banish the target.... then you have to escape the map with tokens proving it's you who killed it.
Maps can hold 12 players, which means there will be 10 more people who are intent on stopping you from leaving with that bounty. And almost everything you do can be heard by everyone else on the map, meaning you have to move as quickly as you can, whilst going as quietly as necessary.

Hunt Showdown Open Beta

The gameplay loop is incredibly satisfying, with the right balance of risk and reward. Most things you do in a match earn you an amount of cash to take to the next lobby, where you can then either save for a rainy day, or buy higher tier equipment for your next loadout. But, anything you die with is lost to the bayou - hence the risk. If your hunter survives, they get experience and you can use that to buy some traits that make them marginally better for the next run out.

3. Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of the best ‘feeling’ fps games on the market, everything is tight from the looting, to movement, the gunplay, and so much more. Being one of the few games standing after the battle royal craze, Apex Legends proves it is here to stay.

Apex Legends Wallpaper

Gunplay in Apex Legends is near perfect for any FPS game period. With 24 weapons available to choose from, each feeling as great to use as the last. Every gun in Apex is deadly if wielded correctly, this is because each gun feels skillful and is a joy to shoot. There is just a feeling of having the shooting in this game just ‘click’, and once it does you’ll never look at another FPS the same. The variety of recoil patterns, enjoyable to master bullet drop, etc. all combine to provide the core of Apex’s masterfully crafted gunplay. When you lose a fight in this game it doesn’t feel cheap, it feels warranted you know the mistakes you made. If there is one word to describe the feeling of gunplay in Apex Legends it is skill.

Apex Legends Season 9 Lstar

Arguably one of the most popular aspects of Apex Legends is its movement system, and how fluid it feels to traverse the map. Mastering the gunplay is only one half of the battle, the best players are able to zip through the map in tandem with near perfect aim. The default sprinting being relatively quick to begin with, with sliding down slopes to gain momentum, being able to climb walls for a couple seconds, are the basis of the movement system. Using all these aspects together have you looking at that boring street with a couple buildings and instead seeing a jungle gym of speed. Just line in the gunplay, after hours of experience it just ‘clicks’ and traversing the map turns into a sort of dance.

4. Risk of Rain 2

As a newcomer to the Risk of Rain series, I was attracted to Risk of Rain 2 because of its co-op online, horde-like shooter structure with a fresh 3D perspective compared to its predecessor's 2D format. Just like other horde-like games, it follows the "loop" design of killing mobs, collecting loot, defeating the boss, and rinse-repeat.

Risk Of Rain 2 Suddenly Jumped On Switch Ps4 And X

The gameplay is simple and intuitive, yet challenging all at the same time. The gameplay is brutal but fair. It is challenging but not in a frustrating way. I just want to play more. It is the kind of challenge you can appreciate and learn from your mistakes. I'm new to roguelikes and I was able to solo for more than an hour.

3719486 Riskofrain2beetlequeenboss

As far as unlockables, there are six characters to unlock, four zones, and 99 items with more on the way. Items that you collect along the way are adorned on your character like trophies. Despite all the unique passive abilities you get from each item, I want to see more items with cool powers and abilities that I can summon. For top-tier players, they may feel content-starved. Personally, I feel there is enough content here in Early Access to keep you coming back for more.


Playing with keyboard and mouse and the controls feel slick, snappy, and precise. Items and abilities complement one another, making for a perfect formula for mayhem. Aiming and gunplay are precise and accurate. The enemy hitbox is fine-tuned. Using terrain adds another layer of dimension to combat enemies. Discovering new items and experimenting with them is extremely fun. And using them on enemies is even better. One of my favorite items is the black hole. Needless to say, it speaks for itself.

5. Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is one of the greatest (if not the greatest first person shooters of our generation. The game's four years old, I'm not sure I can say anything that hasn't been said before. The story is short and sweet, and genuinely really really good. The multiplayer is the meat of this game, and it's fantastic. Movement is fast and fun, shooting feels great (I mean, these dudes made Modern Warfare, so), and piloting a giant robot is sick as hell.

Ss 9e89b335e17df4e5049ffd30a558ddf50a8e36af 1920x1

Pilot gameplay mostly controls like your average modern shooter. M2 to aim and M1 to shoot, with grenades and an overpowered melee as the tools to aid in your survival. That’s until your jump kit activates and you have double jumping and wall-running added to your moveset. The movement in Titanfall 2 is mechanical motorcycle, the ones going the fastest usually die the moment they encounter an enemy Titan, or run directly into a grenade about to go off. That said, it’s the greatest feature in all of the game.


Movement functions normally with spring and jumping, with sliding into a crouch being a key way of giving yourself a boost out of harm at times. Chaining these all together makes for some of the fastest and smoothest gameplay that puts nearly every other shooter to shame. Even without the grappling hook of stim boosts, the game lets you move as fast as you can press the keys. Those of you on here who have frequented surf maps and bhop servers will feel right at home.


As far as Titan gameplay you’ll see a reasonably slowed down and upscaled version of fps combat. Jumping is replaced with a dashing function that varies in speed and usage depending on your loadout class. Each loadout offers a different playstyle, ranging from fire-based damage to flight, you can even use a giant sword to chop soldiers into giblets.

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