Race cars aren't just about the speed. Acceleration and handling also affect the final results by a whole lot. On top of that, the shape and weight of the vehicle may influence the way it turns and goes. With that being said, check out the top 5 racing cars in GTA Online in 2021.

Gta 5 Car Crash
Race cars in GTA Online aren't just about the speed.

Top 5 Cars For Racing In GTA Online In 2021

#5 - Grotti Itali GTO (205.59 km/h)

The Itali GTO is a better choice for racing than the Itali RSX. Its affordable price makes it a more viable choice for every player in GTA Online. This car will take off on off-road tracks. It may not turn well on normal race tracks but handle perfectly on dirt. You're paying $1 million less than the RSX for a car that still tops 127.75 mph (205.59 km/h).

Grotti Itali Gto
The Itali GTO is an affordable choice

#4 - Ocelot Pariah (218.87 km/h)

The Ocelot Pariah may not look menacing, but its speed is simply impressive. This blazing vehicle can top the speed of 136 mph (218.87 km/h). The car also handles well with decent acceleration. Players who have some experience in racing can easily take advantage of its stats.

Ocelot Pariah
Run like an ocelot on the race track

On top of that, the Ocelot Pariah is not as expensive as other racing vehicles. It costs $1,420,000, an affordable option for beginners.

#3 - Benefactor Krieger (204.79 km/h)

There are reasons why players think the Benefactor Krieger is the best racing vehicle in GTA Online. Its original stats fit racing perfectly with great weight distribution and handling. Even beginners may not have any problems driving this beast into a race. This monster of a vehicle can pull off a speed of 127.25 mph (204.79 km/h).

Benefactor Krieger
This car is built to race

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#2 - Benefactor BR8 (197.55 km/h)

Coming in second place on our top 5 cars for racing in GTA Online is the Benefactor BR8. This is the best open-wheel vehicle statistically, making it the top choice for all kinds of races in GTA Online.

Benefactor Br8
Speaking of race cars, let's not forget the BR8

The NASCAR-looking beast can pull off an impressive speed of 122.75 mph (197.55 km/h) with smooth handling all the way. This car turns corners as great as it turns heads.

#1 - Grotti Itali RSX (217.74 km/h)

The first place goes the way of the Itali RSX. This is hands down, the best vehicle for racing in GTA Online. It can go up to 135.50 mph (217.74 km/h) at no time at all, complemented by perfect handling.

Grotti Itali Rsx
All Heil The King!

However, do note that the Itali RSX costs $3,465,000 in GTA Online ($2,598,750 at trade price). That's not a small investment. But the performance and the experience it will bring make it all worthwhile.

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