The footprint of Grand Theft Auto 5 across the world continues being enlarged thanks to the massive player base springing up from time to time. However, it has been released for 7 years and its graphics appear to be something outdated as compared to a bunch of newly developed video games. In case you’re on the lookout for some graphics mods to enhance your GTA 5 gameplay, the following options may cater to your needs.

1. NaturalVision 

Anyone who has played GTA 5 for quite a while may know this mod because of its immense popularity within GTA 5 community. In NaturalVision, the overall graphics get overhauled with an ultra-realistic feel. Every texture, frame, or single scene in the game now looks more exquisite and vibrant thanks to the improved lighting.

On the downside, NaturalVision is a resource-consuming mod, so you will have to run it on high-end computers. If not, it’ll just a waste of time and storage space.

2. Rehancer Photorealism 

As the name suggested, this graphics mod promises to bring GTA 5 players a more photorealistic world. Once installed, your gameplay will have a much more stunning look with glimmering water textures, gorgeous lighting, and more. After all, you’ll be able to enjoy GTA 5 with almost all the best graphics improvements and drive around the city streets with a good sense of visual well-being.

In terms of system requirements, this mod also requires high-end hardware for the best gaming experiences without any lags.

3. HD Low End  

For those having a low-end system, HD Low End turns out to be the most perfect choice if they really want to level up their graphics in GTA 5. Not only does this mod maximize the graphics quality but it also prevents your game from dipping into low FPS.

4. FPS Booster

Gta 5 Fps Booster
FPS Booster can increase the FPS range of 8-11 fps to 15-24 fps.

Technically speaking, FPS Booster can increase the FPS range of 8-11 fps to 15-24 fps. Well, it sounds like a great boost for any low-end computers, not to mention that players only need to have 3GB RAM.

5. GTA Realism

Gta 5 Gta Realism
GTA Realism also enables players to boast unlimited ammo and guns as well.

GTA Realism helps players step into immersive gaming experience from realistic landscapes to combat physics. One more thing about GTA Realism: This mod enables players to boast unlimited ammo and guns as well.