GTA San Andreas is generally considered the one with the best stories in the franchise. It features some of the most iconic characters and is the defining GTA experience for old-school gamers. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 GTA San Andreas characters who appeared in other GTA games.

1 - Claude (GTA 3)

Claude, the protagonist of GTA 3, made a small cameo appearance in GTA San Andreas. With his appearance, it is implied that all the events of GTA 3 happen immediately after the quest in GTA San Andreas end. Apparently, CJ's girlfriend abandoned him for Claude.

Grand Theft Auto 3 Claude
Claude is one of the best GTA San Andreas characters cameos.

While the protagonist wasn't voiced in GTA 3 due to a design choice (it is easier to role-play with a silent protagonist), GTA San Andreas decided to take the meme and roll with it, with CJ remarked that Claude is mute. Afterward, the two protagonists go head to head against each other in an intense car race.

2 - Catalina (GTA 3)

Catalina is one of the most hated characters in the GTA series. She betrayed CJ for Claude, just to do the same thing to Claude afterward. This event kickstarted the story of GTA 3, with the protagonist going on a rampage of revenge against Catalina.

One of the final quests of the game involving shooting her plane down with a rocket launcher. Catalina finally faces justice for her repeated betrayals.

Catalina in GTA SA
Catalina is one of the most hated characters in GTA.

3 - Salvatore Leone (GTA 3 and Liberty City Stories)

Salvatore Leone is an old-school Mafia Don of Liberty City, who took a lot of inspiration from the Godfather movies. He appeared in GTA 3, San Andreas and Liberty City Stories. In all 3 titles, Leone serves as a quest giver to all protagonists, most of which involve going against other crime families.

However, Salvatore Leone failed to keep both CJ and Claude under his thumb. They eventually have a falling out. He is the best recurring character in old-school GTA games.

Gta Leone Crime Family
The Iconic Mob Boss Salvatore is one of the best GTA San Andreas Characters

4 - Kent Paul (Vice City)

Kent Paul was one of Tommy's greatest allies in GTA Vice City. While he appears in a few missions in GTA: SA, his appearance is more of a cameo than serious. CJ did a few errands for Kent, but didn't get anything in return.

In Grand Theft Auto V, he's one of the honored celebrities on the Vinewood Walk of Fame.

Kent Paul
Kent Paul was pretty helpful in Vice City.

5 - Ken Rosenberg (Vice City)

Another iconic character in Vice City, Ken Rosenberg was a follower of Tommy Vercetti from the beginning. He played a big role in helping him become a kingpin. However, in GTA San Andreas, Ken looks pretty miserable and ended up making some powerful enemies.

At least CJ is there and greatly aided him to get out of the hole. During the mission The Meat Business in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, he will sometimes yell out "This is so exciting, Tommy! It's just like old times!", apparently still missing his days working alongside Tommy Vercetti.

Ken Rosenberg
Ken Rosenberg looks worse in GTA SA.

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