Lies of P stands as a notable addition to the growing collection of Soulslike titles that have emerged over the past decade. However, it distinguishes itself from many of its counterparts by garnering widespread consensus for matching the level of quality seen in From Software's renowned games.

A significant contributing factor to this acclaim revolves around the game's impeccably crafted boss encounters. While these bosses exhibit exceptional design, it's crucial to note that their formidable nature puts players to the test, demanding both patience and unwavering determination. With that in mind, let's delve into Lies of P's roster of bosses and discuss those that pose the most formidable challenges.

1. Simon Manus Arm Of God & Awakened God

Simon Manus assumes the role of the primary antagonist in Lies of P, and he executes this role with great effectiveness. As players uncover more about the Alchemists in Krat, they gradually realize the extent of their malevolence, with Simon at the helm of this nefarious group. Interestingly, despite his supposed intellectual prowess, players can't help but find his initial boss appearance amusing due to the absurdly exaggerated physique brought about by the Ergo.

Lies Of P Rabbit Brotherhood Second Introduction C
Simon Manus Arm Of God & Awakened God

Nonetheless, this battle lives up to the expectations of a non-hidden final boss in terms of its difficulty. The initial phase presents a formidable challenge, yet players can grasp the attack patterns and timings relatively swiftly. However, the second phase is a truly formidable trial. During this stage, the Ascended God Manus exhibits a vast array of abilities, including ranged attacks, numerous Fury Attacks, extended combo sequences, various types of projectiles, and more. Notably, he heavily relies on attacks that inflict Disruption, adding an extra layer of tension to the battle since reaching full Disruption instantly results in death. While both phases of the Simon Manus encounter may initially feel overwhelming, players will ultimately discover that this boss becomes more manageable with vigilance and a patient approach to their offensive tactics.

2. King of Puppets

The King of Puppets emerges as arguably the most merciless boss within the game, particularly when considering the player's progression upon encountering it. At this stage of the game, it's too early to access some of the immensely potent end-game Amulets or Weapons, yet it's also too advanced for it to be a single-phase boss confrontation. While mastering the first phase is relatively manageable, it becomes notably more vexing due to frequent knockbacks while attempting Perfect Guard maneuvers.

Lies Of P King Of Puppets Yelling In Phase Transit
King of Puppets

Transitioning into Phase 2, the situation takes a harsh turn. Romeo consistently maintains an extraordinarily aggressive stance, with their attacks inflicting substantial damage upon impact. Furthermore, they deploy an attack reminiscent of the Waterfowl Dance, a technique associated with Malenia in Elden Ring, which often feels like an impending doom for most players when executed. Fortunately, some players have discovered a useful tactic for this phase, involving a continuous circling and evasion strategy towards Romeo's right side (the player's left). It appears that many of its attacks either miss this area or leave it vulnerable to counterattacks.

3. Laxasia

Laxasia the Complete unmistakably draws inspiration from Malenia in Elden Ring, to the point where the similarities border on the absurd. Both characters assume the role of masked "Valkyrie" type warriors, both are tasked with safeguarding a specific location or individual, both stand out as anomalies among their own kind, and both undergo a transformative second phase that intensifies the encounter. It's worth noting that while Laxasia exhibits these striking parallels, the actual mechanics of the battle differ significantly from those of Malenia, adding a unique twist to the resemblance.

Lies Of P Both Forms Of Laxasia In Cutscenes

Nevertheless, this battle strikes a remarkable balance between enjoyable and challenging difficulty. The initial phase may initially appear daunting, but players swiftly discern that Laxasia adheres to more predictable attack timings compared to most other bosses in the game. This consistency carries over into the second phase, introducing intriguing new gameplay elements such as the ability to deflect lightning projectiles by executing a Perfect Guard. Additionally, there exists a clever method to trigger Laxasia's second phase without dealing any conventional "damage" to her, provided players execute precise Perfect Guards to the point of breaking her sword.

4. Nameless Puppet

When it comes to ranking Soulslike bosses in Lies of P, it's important to note that these final four bosses present an even greater level of subjectivity. They share a comparable degree of difficulty, but individual players may find certain bosses more challenging based on their own playstyle and the unique movesets of these adversaries.

Lies Of P Nameless Puppet In Cutscene
Nameless Puppet

Take, for instance, the Nameless Puppet, which holds the position of the "true" final boss in the game but finds itself in fourth place. This doesn't imply an easy battle by any measure, but it leans more towards a confrontation resembling human vs. human (or puppet vs. puppet) rather than a clash against some colossal monstrosity. While the second phase may boast a more visually extravagant presentation, the parry timings remain relatively transparent, contributing to a well-balanced fight. Furthermore, in keeping with the trend seen with human-sized foes in the game, the Nameless Puppet is somewhat susceptible to being staggered out of attacks, potentially prompting Motivity-focused builds to aim for continuous stun-locking throughout the encounter.

5. Black Rabbit Brotherhood

Let's be frank, boss fights that involve facing a horde of enemies simultaneously aren't typically remembered fondly in Souls or Soulslike games. In general, this subgenre excels in one-on-one combat situations, or at most, one against two scenarios. During the initial confrontation with the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, it doesn't pose too significant a challenge since the siblings disengage when their relatively modest HP bars are depleted. This results in a substantial portion of the battle focusing on the clash between Pinocchio and the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.

Lies Of P Rabbit Brotherhood Second Introduction C
Black Rabbit Brotherhood

However, the second encounter within the Relic of Trismegistus Combat Field takes a turn for the worse. In this showdown, each of the younger siblings possesses their individual health bars, imbues their weapons with distinct elements, and employs vexing ranged attacks to disrupt Pinocchio whenever he engages in combat with one of the other Brotherhood members.

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