While some players just want to improve their Minecraft graphics a little bit so that it won't look blurry anymore, others with better rigs want to push it to the extreme. With Photorealistic Minecraft mods, players will be able to ditch the blocky graphics to make the game look as good as possible.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 8 photorealistic Minecraft resource packs to try out in 2022.

1. Dramatic Skys

Dramatic Skys is an add-on pack that will make the skies in your game HD with realistic clouds and lighting. This pack works with any other resource pack, just simply add it over the other pack on the selection screen!  It also causes no lag, none at all, so even the simplest of computers and laptops can use it easily without issue!

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Making your Minecraft World more dynamic and realistic.

Unlike the other skybox mods in Minecraft, Dramatic Skys has MANY skies in it. Every area will have a sky that will vary depending on the biomes of Minecraft. So, in the desert at night, you will see the milky way, but in the mountains, you will see clouds and it won't be clear. This resource pack, as the title entails, will be the ultimate resource pack for sky textures.

Desert Sky at night

There are a total of 79 biomes as of 1.19x. Each of these will have a day sky, sunset/sunrise, and a night sky.

2. Optimum Realism

Optimum Realism is a realistic resource pack that tries to replace Minecraft blocks with their real-life counterparts themselves with a perfect balance between performance and quality, not only does it try to widen the spectrum of imagination between a game and real-life scenarios but also, elaborates on most objects that signify their importance better than we would notice rather than just "adding them" as they would be in real life.

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If you have a GTX 4090, this mod should be your top choice.

You might think, that due to being able to maximize performance, Optimum Realism lacks unique features, but be rest assured, Optimum Realism has the most unique features, barely seen on any other resource pack. One such feature is depth-write POM, which makes textures interact with each other as seen here, the sand fills the crevices left in the planks, like an actual environment.

3. Misa's Realistic

This is a special resource pack that puts emphasis on Realism without going too Photographic. Materials are designed to make sense and resemble the components they're crafted from. The art style is semi-realistic and inspired by old-school RPG's and raycast shooters with a medieval-lite setting.

Misa's Realistic looks pretty tame

The colors are a bit darker and more desaturated (or muted) than vanilla to allow for longer playtime without being too harsh on the eyes. The content of the pack is also mostly vanilla - no strong theme that alters textures so drastically that you're guessing what's what. Builds made in this pack will work well with those playing with vanilla textures but allow for more creative detail with the pack.

There are also advanced texture features for improved variety - the mod supports connected textures, random mobs, custom models, and much more. This greatly improves creative options with block placement while making exploration more interesting and diverse.

4. Reimagined

Minecraft Reimagined offers you a bunch of new fluid animations so that the world would feel more alive.

The pack also randomizes mobs and textures, with some having literally hundreds of variants at the moment with their different stone shading! It fixes dozens of inconsistencies in Minecraft, like forgotten textures that never got updated to textures that use completely different colormaps/color palettes when they are the same material!

Fire now finally has consistent textures with their campfire counterparts, and particles have been fixed to match also their counterparts like flames and lava. Paintings have been improved, the old 1.12 menu added back, reworked sounds, and so much more.

5. Brixel

Brixel turns Minecraft into a world made of tiny bricks, similar to those that many of us remember from our childhood!

Brixel looks like a world made from lego blocks.

Each block has been given a new dimension, by transforming it into a Brixel – a cube built of many small 3d elements (brick pixels). Those little bricks come in different forms and lie on different layers, creating depth and "mosaique" structure on the blocks. Each Brixel has been designed individually, resembling the looks and purpose of the original blocks. Brixel aims to give unique and never-before-seen aesthetics to the Minecraft world, but still keep the vanilla Minecraft feel.

Brixel Resource Pack For Minecraft Textures 3
Brixel Resource Pack

Brixel has optimized performance - complex geometry is simulated using Parallax Occlusion Mapping. Available in different resolutions: 64x, 128x, 256x, 512x and 1024x. There are also custom brick sounds. The bricks make “rattling” and “clicking” sounds when they are placed, hit and destroyed. Footsteps have their own sounds as well!

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