Armor trims have recently been introduced to Minecraft as part of the latest 1.20 update called Trails and Tales. These trims offer players the opportunity to add unique patterns to their armor, giving them a personalized touch. They can be discovered throughout the Minecraft world, including as drops from chests and enemies, although their appearance is not guaranteed. Instead, each trim has a specific probability of appearing, resulting in some being more elusive than others. With nearly a dozen armor trims available, let's examine the most uncommon ones that players may come across in the game.

1. Silence

Silence, without a doubt, stands as the most uncommon armor trim in the game, boasting a mere 1.2% chance of spawning. Similar to the Ward armor trim, Silence can be found in Ancient Cities located within the Deep Dark biome. However, it's important to note that this particular realm exclusively generates underground, making it somewhat challenging to locate. Due to the hazardous nature of the environment, characterized by darkness and the presence of the formidable Warden, players should approach the search for this trim with utmost care.

Ancient City Secret Redstone Room
Ancient City Secret Redstone Room

2. Host and Raiser

Discovering two armor trims in a single location may appear improbable, but both the Host and Raiser originate from the same origin. To obtain these trims, players need to brush suspicious Gravel Blocks found within Trail Ruins. These ruins serve as archaeological excavation sites that offer players the opportunity to unearth various treasures and artifacts, shedding light on Minecraft's history.

I Excavated One Of The New Trail Ruins Mined Out A
Trail Ruins

While the Java edition of the game grants an 8.3% chance of obtaining each trim, acquiring them in the Bedrock Edition (designed for consoles and smartphones) proves considerably more challenging. In this version, both the Host and Raiser have a significantly reduced drop chance of 1.8%.

3. Ward

The drop location of the Ward armor trim can be easily deduced from its name. For those unfamiliar, it can be acquired within the Deep Dark biome, known for harboring menacing creatures known as Wardens. Specifically, these formidable monsters can be found in the Ancient Cities situated in the depths of the Deep Dark. It is within these cities that players will discover a chest containing the coveted Ward trim, albeit with a meager 5% chance of obtaining it.

The Warden Ancient City Centre Monument
Ancient City

4. Spire

The Spire armor trim, much like the Rib trim, can be discovered within fortresses known as End Cities. The End, an alternate dimension inhabited by peculiar beings known as Endermen, is the unsettling realm that accommodates these enigmatic castles and entities. Accessing this eerie dimension is made possible by utilizing the End Portal. Similar to the Rib trim, the Spire armor trim also boasts a 6.7% chance of spawning.

Minecraft End City
Minecraft End City

5. Rib

The Rib armor trim is located within the Nether dimension, which players can enter by constructing a Nether portal. Once in this dimension, the trim can be discovered in chests that randomly appear within castle-like areas scattered throughout the region.

Nether Fortress Minecraft Min 8ba7
Nether Fortress

With a 6.7% drop chance, the Rib trim can also be obtained from chests found within Nether Fortresses. However, it's essential to be aware that Nether fortresses are populated by hostile mobs such as Blazes and Skeletons. As a result, players should ensure they are adequately equipped before venturing forth to conquer these fortresses.

How to use armor trims in Minecraft 1.20

At the moment there are eleven unique armor trims in Minecraft. Each of them can be painted with 9 different colors, and since there are 5 armor materials in the game, players can create over 400k unique combinations.

Minecraft Armor Trims All
Players can duplicate armor trims fairly easily as long as they found them.

Firstly, you will need to collect armor trim smithing templates in the game. They spawn throughout the world of Minecraft inside the treasure chest of various in-game structures. While most of those structures are in the overworld, the Nether and the End also have some unique armor trimmings. To get these items, players should check out Gurugamer's dedicated guide for all armor trim locations in Minecraft.


You need the following items to trim and customize your armor in Minecraft 1.20:

  • Smithing Table
  • Pieces of Armor (Helmet, chest plate, leggings, and boots)
  • 4 Armor Trims (1 for each piece of armor)
  • Color Materials. You can use several different materials, including iron, copper, gold, lapis lazuli, emerald, diamond, netherite, redstone, amethyst, and quartz. Just make sure your armor is not made of the same material that you are using to color its trim, which would make the trimmings blend into the armor.

How to add trimmings to armor

Place a smithing table then use it. Place the armor trim smithing template into the leftmost cell, the armor you want to customize in the middle cell and a piece of color material in the third cell.

Customise Armor In Minecraft With Trim
Adding armor trimmings

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