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Console games and online casino games might seem pretty far removed from each other to the average person on the street. On the one hand, you have fantasy worlds, crazy skills to master, and the big screen in front of you, while on the other, you have something designed to mimic the games in a real-life casino, paired with the thrill of betting. But if you take a closer look, you might find these two types of gaming have some serious commonalities.

Some of the similarities are indeed uncanny. In fact, there are many online casino games which can be played on consoles, which enhances the experience altogether. And it’s not just online slots, there’s a vast variety of game categories, with thousands of titles to choose from. And if you’re not sure where to look for these fun-packed games, frequently update their site, listing premium online casinos that feature free no deposit bonuses, all of which would have been tried and tested.

1. Killer graphics can steal the show

Whether it’s other-worldy graphics that are set off in some far distant galaxy in a console game, or a slots game that has some mind-bending feature bonus animation effects, killer graphics in games can definitely steal the show. You may find yourself playing for far longer than you expected, just because you can’t get enough of how good it looks! As graphics get more and more crisp, clear, fast, and mesmerizing, this is a trend that will never die out.

2. You can play for fun, or become a serious gamer

Does anyone truly start off planning on being a serious gamer? Instead, it’s when people start to realize that they really love a game and want to play for more than just filling in a little bit of time. Overheard at a software company: “Oh, all I do in my spare time is play World of Warcraft.” For some people, gaming is their entire second life - whether it’s WoW or becoming a serious poker player. And yes, you can make money being a serious gamer - eSports legends and Poker Stars can tell you that if you ask them!

3. Your choice: Play solo or against other players

The good thing about gaming as a whole is that there is truly something for everyone - and that goes for if you prefer to game alone or play with/against other people. With console gaming, even if you don’t have someone picking up a controller next to you, you can still (with many games) play online with or against others, sometimes even linking up with your friends. Over in casino land, you can also play against other real players. Sure, maybe not with slots, but you can sit (virtually) at the casino tables and play with (and against) other people from all around the world. To socialize or not to socialize? That is the question.

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4. It can be addictive

Gaming of all kinds can be addictive, it’s not just gambling games. This is actually noted as an area for further study under the DSM V, the bible for classification of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. In the DSM V, they note that gaming can cause “significant impairment or distress." This is when the detriments of gaming outweigh the benefits, or people are exhibiting compulsive behaviors related to the activity. While online casino games may seem more dangerous - where money can be lost - this is not necessarily the case, and the impact on someone’s life varies wildly from person to person. If you think you might be having problems with online gaming, it’s best to seek professional help. If, on the other hand you still feel you’re in control of your gaming habits, it’s never a bad idea to understand and read up on the perils of addictive patterns.

5. Console game based casino games

Here is when the lines between console gaming and online casino games really blur - when casino games are themed to be like console games. Taking a look around some of the online casino sites, you’ll soon find titles that resemble Fortnite, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, and more. These will come complete with similar graphics, storylines, music, and more, so it almost feels like you are reliving your console gaming experience - but without perhaps the same level of skill required! These are good to have a play on if you need to take a break from the console game itself and help to reset your concentration.

It’s all fun and games

Whether you prefer console gaming or online casino gaming, it’s nice to mix it up sometimes. Step outside of your preferred gaming bubble and take a chance - on a new game, a new style, a new way to play. As they say, variety is the spice of life, so put a sprinkle into your gaming experience - you never know how much fun you might wind up having.

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