Minecraft offers players two choices when it comes to the game mode. You can either play survival in the classic world or let your imagination run wild in the creative world. It's two whole different styles. In Creative Mode, players have control over the world, with every material in the game ready for use.

Rarest Items Minecraft
Enjoy Minecraft How You Want It

But we're sure there are many things you may not know about this Minecraft game mode. Here are 5 lesser-known facts about the Creative Mode.

#1 - Exclusive Items in Creative Mode 

Playing in the Creative Mode gives you an unlimited supply of resources, even those that are impossible to obtain in the survival Minecraft. Here's some of them:

Creative Mode Villages
Some Items Are Impossible To Get In Survival
  • Bedrock
  • End portal frames
  • Chorus plants
  • Spawn eggs
  • Farmland
  • Infested blocks
  • Player heads

#2 - Items You Can Not Access

Contrary to the first fact, there's a limit to what items you can obtain in Minecraft Creative Mode. In order to acquire these items, players must use the spawn command. They are:

Creative Mode Items
There's A Limit Though
  • Dragon egg
  • Debug Stick
  • Barrier
  • Command blocks
  • Suspicious stew
  • Spawners
  • Fireworks

#3 - The History

The Creative Mode has been under development since the very first days of Minecraft. It was later saved for the future. When Notch was still working on the game, he added and removed the Creative Mode quite a few times before officially announcing it in 2011. In the Minecraft Java Edition Beta 1.8 version, the Creative Mode was officially made an option alongside survival mode.

Creative Mode Fly
The Creative Mode Has Been In Minecraft Since The Beginning

#4 - In-game Switching

If the host enables cheating in a Minecraft world, the players can freely switch between the two game modes. With just a simple command "/game mode creative" to turn the world creative, or "/game mode survival" to turn the world survival, you can jump back and forth without having to save. In the latest versions of Minecraft, players can use "/game mode c," "/game mode 1," or "/game mode creative" to change their world to creative mode.

Creative Mode Castles
Switch Between The Game Modes By Commands

Creative Mode disables achievements on Bedrock and Console Editions of Minecraft. You can only die in the Creative Mode if you use the /kill command, or fall into the void. Players can spawn almost every mob in the game with spawn eggs, except for iron golems and mob bosses.