Minecraft is a huge game and there are a lot of items that players can use. However, remembering all of their features can be a problem due to the sheer number of things players can interact with. Therefore, in this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 underrated items in Minecraft that players should use more.

1. Lava Buckets

A lava bucket is excellent for killing large numbers of mobs in one go and lighting up the area at the same time. This can be a significant time-saver when dealing with a new mob spawner. Once most of the mobs have been killed, finishing off the last few manually and neutralizing the spawner is much quicker and safer than trying to wade through large numbers of enemies.

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This trick works particularly well when combined with a potion of Fire Resistance, as you can wade through your own lava and move right up to the spawner, even with troublesome blaze spawners in the Nether. Lava and water can combine to make infinite stone or cobblestone, or smaller amounts of obsidian.

2. Maps

Maps are useful and can be auto-generated in-game. The catch is that you have to move about your world with the map in hand in order to draw it, and that can be dangerous because it's hard to see where you're going. The solution is to press the F1 key, temporarily removing the head-up display, so that you can see clearly and move at full speed without risk.

Minecraft Map

Another way to get the same result is to press F5 to switch to the third-person view. Pressing F1 again (or F5 twice) will put things back to normal. As of 1.9, you can hold the map in your offhand slot without it taking up the screen.

3. Potions

Once you are able to brew them, potions are an enormous time-saver in many different ways. Potions of Healing and Regeneration save you from having to wait so long to heal; Potions of Swiftness allow you to move long distances rapidly. A splash Potion of Harming allows you to instantly kill large numbers of mobs in a mob trap, making the farming experience much quicker and easier.

Minecraft Potions

Depending on the mob, or the design of the mob trap, you may need to use splash Potions of Poison first, to weaken the mobs, and possibly Splash Potions of Healing if you need to kill undead mobs (and heal yourself at the same time).

4. Signs

Signs are valuable as in-game reminders of what you were doing in a given location, or for marking areas with warnings of hazards, the non-obvious path to the exit that you habitually overlook, and so on. Use them frequently. They also stop water and lava flow, to help when mining or making mechanisms.


5. TNT

TNT is useful for rapid clearing of areas, especially when resource collection is not a concern. Two blocks of TNT can easily remove 50 blocks of dirt or gravel, and multiple blocks can clear entire stone caverns much more quickly than could be done by hand.


One block of TNT sets off other blocks of TNT when it explodes. Because of this, you do not have to set off each TNT, saving time. This doesn't work if the TNT is too far away from other TNT.

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