February was not a very good month for video games in general, with the coronavirus outbreak going around. A lot of events and occasions had to be postponed, and numerous delays for video game productions occurred. But the virus can't keep the weird gaming news from entertaining/disturbing us in these trying times.

hide the pain harold
It's about to get weird in here...

Without further ado, let's have a look at some of the weirdest stories to come out of gaming last February:

Thought your virtual money in video games was safe from taxes? Think again

In the US, the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, is in charge of collecting taxes for the government. They are also known for being quite unrelenting with tracking down tax evasion. So last month, gamers were quite perturbed to find out that the IRS considers some video game currencies as examples of "convertible virtual currencies".

v bucks fortnite video games
Many kids' tears would flow if their "money" was taxed.

Apparently, some people discovered that a provision on the IRS website listed several virtual currencies as taxable. They included bitcoin, ether, but also V-bucks from the game Fortnite and Roblox (which refers to Robux from Roblox).

Fortunately, it turns out that the agency made a mistake. The issue was "corrected and that was done quickly—as soon as it was brought to our attention," said IRS chief counsel Michael Desmond. After all, currencies in video games that do not leave the game cannot be "convertible" to real currencies. But it would be funny to see gold farming get taxed.

Kids can now listen to disturbing Pokemon noises as ASMR

Turns out kids need to listen to a purple, slimy pokemon slither around while making sloshy noises to experience ASMR. Which is why the Pokemon Kids TV channel on Youtube uploaded a video featuring the pokemon Grimer to fill this pressing demand.

In the video, you can quite clearly see the pokemon named Grimer wiggle around looking as happy as can be. The sound he makes while moving is supposed to be calming and gentle, but we think it's up there with scratching nails on a chalkboard.

Two-headed skeletons? In my Red Dead Redemption 2? More likely than you think

Players of Red Dead Redemption 2 Online reported two-headed skeletons simply walking up and beating the crap out of them. It turned out that hackers put them in the game and dropped them from hot-air balloons.

two headed skeletons rdr 2
If only hackers could do these things more

If hackers tried to gain an unfair advantage by sending weird creatures like two-headed skeletons to attack you, it would at least be entertaining. Unlike the usual ways they would ruin video games with.

Pokemon Home APK has a GIF of a dancing woman knocking a child out with her butt

Pokemon Home is a cloud service for all of your Pokemon in the games and is available on the Switch, Android and iOS devices. On the Android version, people found a curious GIF among the files that no one expected.

Some users say that the child knocked out looks like the Vocaloid Rin?

Turns out it features an animation of a woman dancing the kind of dance when you think no one's watching. As she's moving and shaking around, a child appears from nowhere and the woman's butt knocks the child out cold.

A South Korean mother 'reunites' with her late daughter in Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is becoming more and more available in video games and entertainment. And now, it could even 'reunite' a grieving mother with the digital recreation of her late daughter. A South Korean documentary tells the story of a mother's loss and how she sees her daughter again in VR.

The team behind it spent 8 months to recreate the daughter's appearance, voice, and movement as accurately as possible. The mother was able to see her using an HTC Vive and touch-sensitive VR gloves. Some people feel that this experience would make the mother even more traumatic. But the mother said she was happy to see her daughter again and hoped that this could help other people deal with losses.

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