Chained Together is the Co-op version of Only Up! It's trending on Steam because of the interesting gameplay. Let's check out the answers to these most frequently asked questions to learn how to play this hot video game.

Climb To The Heaven
Experience the Co-op version of Only Up!

#1. How to play solo?

Chained together allows players to experience teamwork in the Co-Op mode or climb alone in the Solo mode. The chain tying players together makes this game unique amongst climbing-up games on the market now. But you can also experience it alone without the chain by following these steps to enter the solo mode:

  1. Launch the Chained Together on your device.
  2. Select the Play option.
  3. Click on "Host a Game".
  4. Set a password for the lobby.
  5. Start the private game and climb up alone.

This video game also features the Lava Mode for time pressure and excitement. Let's start a lobby to play Chained Together now! Keep an eye on the surroundings to find launchers to reach high locations or avoid traps. Besides, you need to calculate the distance to use a normal run/jump, speed run, or long jump using the Shift key. Sometimes, you need to use your memory to go through invisible paths.

Chained Together
Chained Together with friends and pass challenges.

#2. How to save the game?

Chained Together allows players to save their progress manually when playing in a private lobby. Only the host of the lobby can save the progress with this trick. Follow these steps to create a Saved point when they reach a certain height.

  1. Open the Menu and Click on 'Save and Quit' option on the right bottom corner on the screen.
  2. Quit the game at the point you want to save and you will be sent back to the menu screen.
  3. Select the Play option.
  4. Choose to 'Host a Game' in the menu.
  5. Enter the password of the lobby.
  6. Select the mode and select either the closed or opened chain option as the origin setting.
  7. Select the option 'Click here to use a save file' and select the manually saved point.
  8. Click on the 'Create Session' option.

After that, you will start from the point you had quit. If you play the co-op mode, wait for all allies to re-enter the game and get ready. Next, the host clicks on the 'Play' button to continue the progress. It's best to save your progress after a dangerous and hardcore progress. When you accidentally fall, press the ALT+F4 key combo to return to the saved point.

Save Progress On Time
Save the progress on time.

#3. How to play on PS5?

Chained Together is only available on the PC. You cannot play this video game on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S now. We must wait for its release on these platforms shortly. With the fame of this game at present, you can expect it on consoles. Chained Together is estimated as the advanced version of the previous Climbing games like 'Only Up' because it has more traps and challenges.

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